Top tips for beginning self care

Top Tips for Beginning Self Care

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As a parent we can quickly find ourselves consumed with looking after our family. We try our best to make sure they are happy, content and that their every need is met. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in looking after everyone else, we forget to look after ourselves too.

For many of us it’s hard to prioritise us. It feels selfish but we really do need to take the time to take care of our physical, mental and emotional well being – we need to self care.
Self care is purposely taking time out for ourselves, doing something we WANT to do for our own benefit. This self care in turn improves our mood, reduces stress and could even improve our relations with others too.

We are all entirely different so what one of us may consider ‘self care’ another may consider hell on earth but here are a few simple ideas that may help when starting a self care journey.

Top Tips for Self Care - Be Social

Be Social

Surprisingly I don’t just mean head to your local for a few beers. Make time to meet up with friends for dinner, coffee or just a chat. Talk about inane things – what you’ve been watching, what you’ve been doing. Reminisce about past nights out and laugh hard. Just take some time to be you with the people who you feel most comfortable with.

Be Alone

As good as it is to get out with friends, sometimes it’s nice to take some time to be alone. It’s easy to find yourself alone and waste it all by wondering what you’re going to do with this valuable pocket of time. Plan in advance! Whether it’s a long soak in the bath or a nap. Bingeing on a box set or listening to your favourite album at full volume. Do what makes you feel happy.

Top Tips for Self Care - Dancing


But Anna
You Cry
You said self care was meant to be something you enjoy!

Even the most unfit amongst us has got to admit that a blast of endorphins makes us feel a bit better. Luckily you don’t have to run 10k a day to get it – unless that’s your idea of fun.
Exercise can be as simple as dancing around your living room for 10 minutes, a brisk walk in the park, a swim at your local pool. It will all make you feel a little brighter.


I’m not for one minute suggesting you start counting calories and depriving yourself of food you enjoy (though if that makes you happy then go ahead). I do, however, believe you are what you eat and sometimes a bit of a diet overhaul is just what we need to feel better. Whether you choose to cut back on sugar, stop eating meat or start following a plant based, vegan diet – food changes can make us feel a lot better in ourselves. If you DO decide to amend your diet be sure to do it sensibly and that you’re maintaining a balanced diet. Nutrition testing is available if you are worried that you aren’t getting all the right vitamins and nutrients within your diet change.

Talking is Therapy

In the ideal world we all have someone to talk to about things that make us unhappy or weigh on our minds. There is no doubt that getting something out there helps us begin to make sense of it. Some of us don’t have friends we feel comfortable talking to like this, or we consider ourselves private people who just don’t want our friends knowing certain things about us. Talking to a therapist is always an option to be considered as it is important to have someone to talk to and, more importantly, listen to us.

New Hobby

Learning something new, either in a formal environment or at home, can help us feel good as well as giving us a bit of time for ourselves. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, paint your own Masterpiece, trace your family tree or join the local roller derby, set aside a little time each week and do it. Something that is just for you and makes you happy.

Hang Out with the Kids

OK, this may seem a little counterproductive in the realm of self care but bear with me. For some of us it is hard to get childcare in order to have a little time alone. It is entirely possible to use this to your advantage. Hang out with your kids AS a kid, channel your inner child. Allow yourself a day of freedom, to adult less and channel your inner child more. Have a pyjama day and watch films, do some finger painting, give each other make overs. Do the things you really wanted to do when you were a child – it can be surprisingly good for the soul to not adult for a day.

There are so many ways to begin self care, these suggestions may not be quite your thing but hopefully they give you an idea for getting started. There may even be some of you who think self care isn’t for them, maybe on face value it isn’t but it is SO important for our mental, physical and emotional self to do what makes us happy.

Try it, you might just like it.







  • Rachel Craig

    Yes, seems like we need to nourish the various aspects of self : – Our Role/s, such as Employee, Parent, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Colleague, Sister in law, Friend, Godmother, Neighbour. In order to be healthy we need nutrition, hydration, rest, exercise, Fun, Humour, Life Long Learning. Holism / Holistic approach.

  • Rachel Craig

    Raising a family is seen as a normal, accepted part of life. People may even offer help, assistance, praise, etc. Yet when Caring for an older or ill person, the burden can be heavier and more lonely. Perhaps it is due to lack of understanding, experience, knowledge, skills. Though generations ago family, friends, and neighbours could bond together caring for the ill, frail, disabled, and elderly within their community.

    Seems we need to Self Care, whilst Caring for others, and others providing care for us and ours is Caring, Compassionate, Considerate, Empathetic, and can build cohesive Communities. Sharing and Caring.

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