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WUKA Period Pants – Review & Giveaway

This post contains affiliate links and the chance to win WUKA period pants. 

I started my period when I was around 12.
We’d had ‘the talk’ at school, you know the one – the girls are whisked away to the school hall, told to expect a period soon and given a bag with a couple of sanitary towels and tampons in. These were quickly squirrelled into our school bags in case, God forbid, the boys should see. It was all very taboo.

Back then, having a period was embarrassing – the talk on the playground was all about smells, leaks and embarrassing situations. The boys thought it was hilarious and took the mick – trying to grab the girls to see if they were wearing pads so they could point and laugh (seriously, so many things wrong there – grown ups, be sure to talk to your boys about periods too).

The girls would double up on pants or pads in an attempt to stop any incident before it began. We’d try to avoid PE so that no one else would realise.  Despite the knowledge that women all over the world were having periods, the whole process as a teen in the 90s was mortifying and treat like a dirty secret.

Luckily, as with many things in life, we’ve moved forward, we now talk openly and properly about periods and, more importantly, the choices available to us. Gone are the days when the choice was simply tampons or sanitary towels -thanks to some very clever people out there we now have a wealth of options. Many of them are more comfortable and more eco-friendly than the usual suspects.  Mooncups, reusable sanitary towels and period pants are all now legitimate contenders in the world of sanitary products.


I have recently been looking into alternative sanitary products – partly in an effort to be a little more considerate to my world and partly because hip surgery is looking very likely and we all know my womb will spite me with a period at the time when I can’t move one leg! When Ruby got in touch asking if I’d like to try WUKA period pants, it seemed like the perfect time to have a go.

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass (how every one of us should endeavour to start every day in my opinion) and they are on a mission to smash the taboos surrounding periods while creating period wear that can completely replace tampons and pads.
They are also passionate about reducing the 4.6 million tampons and pads that are flushed every day and creating and promoting a more sustainable option.

WUKA Period Pants
Don’t worry, I won’t model them for you.

About WUKA Period Pants.

Luxurious, soft and stretchy Lenzing® MicroModal fabric that is CO2 neutral and 3.5x softer than fine cotton. Combined with our super absorbent hi-tech fabric and a breathable moisture barrier our pants are uniquely period proof.
WUKA period pants are available in heavy, medium or light and come in a range of sizes from UK 4 – 20 (the smaller sizes are aimed at 9-13 years). It is advised that they can be worn for 8 hours at a time (4-6 hours on your heaviest days) and overnight. A pair of medium pants will hold the equivalent to 2-3 tampons and a pair of heavy pants, the equivalent to 4 tampons. They are machine washable (without fabric conditioner) at 40 degrees and line dry only.

WUKA Period Pants – What I Thought

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with period pants – a black midi brief style pant with mesh sides, they are stylish and super soft. Obviously, the very nature of the pants means they are padded but not in an adult nappy style. The padding is thin and unobtrusive, it’s also stitched in such a way that there is no shift or displacement after washing (as long as you follow the instructions).

I was a little nervous about trying them but try them I did. If you’re between sizes, you’re advised to size down which I did and they fit perfectly. The pants were really comfortable, not too tight, bulky or awkward and had no VPL.  It did feel a little peculiar at first but I think that was more down to years of conditioning that we don’t wear ‘just pants’ while having our period. I soon forgot about them and just went about my business worry free.

Given I am wandering the joyous path to menopause, I always have one day that resembles that scene in The Shining, I initially chose not to wear them on that day but with hindsight, I would absolutely trust the period pants every day.

As you can probably tell from the amount I have written, I am really impressed with WUKA period pants. They are a game changer on so many levels.
They are perfect for young girls – they will be able to do PE and go about their difficult enough teenage lives without worrying about pads and leaks.
New mums could wear these as an alternative to the mattresses we’re often subjected to after having babies.
You want to trampoline? Go for it – WUKA’s got you!

WUKA Period Pants Cost

WUKA period pants are fabulous but, as with all very clever technical stuff, they aren’t cheap. With prices ranging from £19.99 to £24.99 the initial outlay for enough pants for a cycle is going to be a little pricey BUT it’s a one off – and WUKA often offer discounts on multi-buys.  You are paying for convenience, comfort and doing your bit to reduce landfill. You will no longer be buying sanitary products and vast packs of black pants so it becomes cost effective down the line.

If you would like to try WUKA period pants I can offer my readers a 10% discount, if you purchase via this affiliate link https://wuka.kckb.st/meanniebee or use referral code WUKA-MEANNIEBEE on orders over £23.99.

In Conclusion

I’m a convert and will be buying some more. I reckon that five pairs will be enough for a cycle providing you get yourself into a daily rinse, wash and dry routine – If you do an extra spin after your wash, they dry quicker.
I do think the cost means that there are a lot of young girls and women who would really benefit from period pants but for them, at the moment, they won’t be an option. Hopefully that will change in time.

For further information on WUKA visit their website or check them out on social media.

Win WUKA Period Pants

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning two pairs of WUKA period pants, enter here!

WUKA Period Pants








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