Extend the life of your carpet

Top Tips for Extending the Life of Your Carpet

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In the age of technical invasion, when every family already has vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning, a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, and even a steam cleaning machine, it would seem that there should be no worries with dust and dirt. However, in order to preserve your carpet in good condition, it is necessary to possess more than just the equipment needed for carpet cleaning – as with anything a bit of knowledge too will go a long way! 

Carpet Cleaning: Where to Start. 

The most obvious place to start is with a vacuum cleaner. A natural woollen carpet should be vacuumed at least once every three to four days. A synthetic fibre carpet needs more thorough care: the best option is to dry clean it with an ordinary vacuum cleaner every two days. Deep carpet cleaning should be done once every three to six months. Modern carpets are impregnated with a special chemical composition designed to prevent the penetration of dirt inside. Moisture will wash off this coating and insufficient drying can cause mould to form resulting in a pretty stinky rug. When it comes time to deep clean your carpet it’s a lot less hassle to contact a professional carpet cleaning company: they will clean the carpet with a detergent and antistatic agent using professional equipment in accordance with all the rules while not ruining that special dirt repellent. 

How to Vacuum the Carpet.

This might be a bit like teaching Granny to suck eggs but carpet must be regularly vacuumed to prevent dirt from penetrating into its fibres. Dirt penetrates the fibre and acts as an abrasive material, which accelerates the wear of the carpet ahead of time. To clean carpets with split pile, use a vacuum cleaner with a hard bristle nozzle, which will lift dirt from the depths of the carpet. When finishing cleaning the carpet with cut-off loops, be sure to use a vacuum cleaner in the direction of the grain, this will prevent the formation of shadow stripes on the carpet. 

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How to Perform Dry Cleaning.

Have a dry cleaning powder ready for it. Spread the powder in an even layer on a previously vacuumed carpet, rub lightly, leave for a while to absorb the dirt, then go over the surface with a vacuum cleaner again. It is not necessary for the smallest grain to collect all the powder, the remaining powder particles can reduce further contamination of the carpet. This type of cleaning is the fastest.

Wet Carpet Cleaning.

This cleaning method is most suitable for cleaning filthy carpets. It’s worth baring in mind that only carpet that is fully glued to the floor can be cleaned this way. You will achieve the best results if you first clean the carpet with shampoo and then clean it with a damp vacuum cleaner. Using these two cleaning methods, you can perfectly clean out heavily soiled, wrinkled coating. To achieve the best result, it is better to entrust this work to professional carpet cleaning companies, as it is especially important to scrupulously remove all moisture from the carpet and allow it to dry properly, otherwise the structure of the fibre of the covering and base may be disturbed. If you do decide to clean the carpet yourself, clearly follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the washing vacuum cleaner.

Shampoo Cleaning.

First, check the shampoo: pour a few drops into the dish and leave it overnight, drain the excess liquid in the morning and leave it to dry, then see if the surface of the dish is sticky. If the surface is sticky, it means that the remaining shampoo on the fibres of the carpet will attract dust.

Even with a good quality shampoo, it is recommended to clean the carpet only after you have thoroughly vacuumed it, as otherwise you can damage the fibre structure and the base. The carpet, which has dried after cleaning, must be vacuumed again. If the carpet is woollen, do not use household cleaning agents that smell like ammonia.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning services is a great way to breathe a new life into your old carpet. This is one of the most popular methods for domestic carpet cleaning and many people prefer it due to its effectiveness and safety. Carpet steam cleaning can be used in homes with children, pets and people prone to allergies.

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