Engagement Ring Alternatives: Lab Grown Diamond Rings


Lab diamond engagement rings have been the centre of attention amongst money savvy customers and all for the right reasons! It’s unsurprising that 70% of millennials all would consider a moissanite and a lab diamond as an alternative to a mined diamond engagement ring. Consumers are increasingly becoming more conscious of the sourcing of the products they purchase and this also extends to the jewellery they wear. Lab diamonds are breaking away from the environmental and humanitarian toll that natural diamonds can take on the Earth.

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a mind boggling process, trying to showcase your love and admiration for each other whilst balancing style, trends and budget, is thwarted with difficulties. When you’re unfamiliar with the idea of lab diamonds rings the information can be very overwhelming. However, don’t worry this comprehensive lab diamond engagement ring guide will run through all the critical steps to ensure you find the perfect engagement ring that will be treasured forever. We have the jewellery experts from Lily Arkwright here to give us some guidance on where to start when it comes to lab diamond engagement rings.

What are lab diamonds?

The process of how lab diamonds are made simulates the natural growing process of how mined diamonds are formed. However the main point of difference being, one is formed by a natural reaction within the earth’s crust and the other under controlled conditions in a laboratory. The Diamond Foundry has a great video that explains the production process of lab grown diamonds:

All of the lab grown diamonds featured in Lily Arkwright’s lab grown diamond engagement ring collection are fully certified, being independently assessed and verified by strict international IGI criteria. Each ring comes complete with a IGI grading certificate and gem Certificate and Assurance Labs (GCAL), or the most prestigious, a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certificate, the same stringent certifications that accompany natural diamond.

Durability of diamonds

Since lab diamonds share the exact same visual characteristics and chemical properties as mined diamonds, this also applies to the gems hardness rating on the Mohs Scale of hardness. Both lab diamonds and mined diamonds share a score of 10, as diamonds are the hardest mineral on planet earth. This is because lab diamonds are REAL diamonds.

Ethical & Sustainable Alternative

Have you ever considered where your rings and jewellery has been sourced from? Most of the time the supply chain of diamonds tends to be inaccessible. However, at Lily Arkwright, they are proud Assay Assured retailers, meaning they can always guarantee that all of their jewellery meets and exceeds legal requirements having been independently tested, thus providing outstanding quality jewellery to their customers.

Whilst not all mined diamonds are exploitive to environments and communities, opting for a lab grown diamond, can eliminate any concerns you might have associated around natural diamond mining. When diamonds are grown in a lab, the chances of unethical and environmentally damaging mining practices being used are eliminated, leading to the rise in popularity amongst lab-grown gem engagement rings. That’s why more people are opting for luxurious brilliance and sparkle associated with naturally mined diamonds!

Affordable Alternative

Lab diamonds have an amazing price point in comparison to mined diamonds! The price difference between lab diamonds and mined will vary depending on the quality and the size of the stone but generally, lab grown diamonds can cost up to 30% less than mined diamond rings. This is because there is a smaller production chain which filters through into manufacturing cost. If you are budget conscious or simply want a beautiful bigger rock for your money, lab diamonds are a great option if you are looking for an alternative ring.

Additionally, if you opt for a Lily Arkwright ring you are assured that you are receiving the best quality ring at the most affordable price point on the market. All of Lily Arkwright’s rings are priced competitively.

Want to learn more about lab diamonds?

If you are interested in booking a consultation or would simply like to learn out more about lab grown diamond, coloured gemstones or moissanite engagement rings or Lily Arkwrights lab grown collections, please call them on 0161 537 6773, alternatively you can email the jewellery consultancy team at

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