Senior Dogs: What You Need to Know Before Adopting One

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Adopting any pet is an enjoyable and exciting time in anyone’s life! While most people want to adopt a floppy-eared puppy, we cannot forget about the delightful yet lovable seniors who are also abundant throughout adoption centers. These dogs are looking for a home just as much as any of the other animals in a shelter and are certainly worth considering for your home if you have children or other pets. If you are in the process of looking for a pet, and are considering adopting a senior dog, there are some things that you need to know and remember before adopting one. We have created a list of helpful things to know, read on for more!

They Are Already Trained

Unlike their younger peers, senior dogs are more likely to be toilet trained, which will mean less for you to teach your new family member! While they will already know the logistics to using the toilet, they might need to be shown where in your home or garden is best for them to go when they first arrive; there will be a small level of training needed, but not to the extent that would be required for a puppy. You never know, your new friend might be able to show you some tricks that they already know how to do, like that of rolling over and shaking paws; you can easily teach an old dog new tricks too!

Dietary Requirements

Senior dogs require certain nutrients and vitamins as they enter their golden years. The standard dog food that is used for younger, more agile dogs is not suitable for our seniors, especially as they have delicate digestive systems. You will have to make certain that you have age-appropriate senior dog food available. It can be difficult to know which food to select, especially if you do not have experience of looking after a senior dog.

If you are finding that your senior dog is turning their nose at the choices that you are providing, you will need to find them a quality dog food like that from Bella and Duke. Providing natural dog food packed of the good stuff that your senior requires, you can rest assured that your beloved dog will be healthy and full; as the dog food is completely natural, there is less risk that the food will upset your dog’s stomach. For more information about what options are available, and what is included in the food itself, head to the website

Require Less Supervision

When we first get a new pet, all we want to do is spend as much time as we possibly can with them. Trust me, we have all been there! When it is time to spend some time apart from your pet, it can naturally, cause some stress and anxiety, particularly if you have spent every waking second in one another’s company. Whether it be heading out for the day or simply for a trip to the shops, you can never be certain what your house will look like when you return, and if your dog has behaved. Senior dogs are more docile than puppies and require less supervision; you won’t need to worry about coming back to your favorite cushion being torn to shreds! As they have already experienced life of living in a home and being left on their own for periods of time, the senior dogs will be ready to listen, and provide solace.

Age is But a Number

While the prospect of adopting a senior dog for some is off-putting, for others, this can be a really fulfilling time of your life. Not only are you bringing a new member of the family into the home, but you are providing a lovable character with a forever home as they slow down. While a lot of people worry about how much time they will have with their beloved pet, quite a few animals thrive when they are in the home environment; you needn’t worry about losing them prematurely. While the inevitable will come around at some point, there is no point sitting and worrying about when it will happen. Treasure the time that you have with your pet now and overcome that obstacle when it happens. Give them the love and attention they deserve, and they will do the same in return.

Great with Kids

If you are a family home with children, it can be a concern about how a new addition to the home will react to children and any other pets that you might have, and vice versa. The positive thing about adopting a senior dog, is that they have the social skills from throughout their life and are probably used to being cuddled and chased around. Senior dogs are great around children of all ages, and generally become quite protective of young ones. While they won’t be able to run around as much as a puppy would, they make excellent cuddle buddies after a long and stressful day at work or school!



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