Top 10 Apps To Download When You’ve Got A Baby On The Way

When you’re expecting a baby, you’re bound to be feeling lots of different emotions. From joy to anxiety and fatigue, it’s a real rollercoaster! When we are on this journey it can be helpful to have a few support tools. To help you get started, here’s a list of some of the best apps for expecting mothers.

Glow Baby 

Glow Baby helps you to track your baby’s milestones, and monitor your baby’s health. The app offers parenting resources, and informative tips, to support you as a new parent. With Glow Baby it’s simple to track pumping sessions, naps, and feeds. Using the timer you can log diaper changes, and write up your baby’s sleep schedule. The app gathers insightful data about your baby’s health, including growth charts and personalized advice.


Peanut is a fantastic app that can support moms to connect with fellow mothers in their neighbourhood. While parenting is a beautiful experience, it can also be very challenging. To support you through those challenges, it’s lovely to have a support network. First, tell the app about your interests, and then Peanut will match you with nearby mums. Using Peanut you can connect using video chat, polls, or groups. Through the journey of motherhood, don’t be afraid to call on friends and family for help. For those without family nearby, Peanut is an amazing app.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Once your baby has been born, you’ll likely want a baby monitor. For a great solution, check out the ‘Cloud Baby Monitor’ app. There are several features and benefits to take advantage of, including:

  • Audio chat and live video, meaning you can talk to your baby through the app.
  • A night light that you can control remotely.
  • Alerts for both motion and noise.
  • Super reliable and really simple to use.
  • The audio is super sensitive, so it picks up everything.
  • Comes with popular lullabies and white noise tracks.
  • Simple to create your own playlists.
  • Features for multiple parents and children.


When you’re a new mother it’s not always easy to get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can leave you stressed out, taking its toll on your health. To improve your sleep, the Calm application is a great solution. This app provides breathing programs, calming music, and sleep meditations. All of these activities are designed to help you sleep, plus there are mindfulness exercises, to boost your wellbeing.

Baby Sparks

The Baby Sparks app offers lots of education on baby milestones and development, with 10,000+ activities to learn about. The app was designed by professionals in the world of child development, offering a customised program, catering to the needs of your baby. The extensive activity program includes sensory skills, emotional skills, motor skills, language, and self-care. All Baby Sparks activities are accompanied by videos. It’s simple to search for certain milestones, using the different categories. The app can help you to learn about your baby’s journey, as they develop.

Baby +

 The Baby+ app is a fab resource to help you track milestones, development, and growth. Here you’ll get daily blogs with lots of handy info, and weekly development guides. The Baby + app also provides content such as breastfeeding videos, parenting guides, activity ideas, and recovery tips. Further features include:

  • Feeding Tracker: This tool tracks your bottle feeding and breastfeeding.
  • Weight Tracker: The option to track your own weight, post-labour.
  • Nappy Tracker: Track how often your child needs their nappy changed.
  • Sleep Tracker: A place to monitor your baby’s sleep.

Baby gogo

Baby gogo is a great parenting app, whether you’ve got a new born baby or school-age children. Here you can monitor growth, create reminders for vaccinations, and ask medical questions. The app connects you with certified doctors, to answer your queries any time that you like. Besides this, you can chat and exchange advice, within the community of parents. There are plenty of topics to explore on Baby gogo including baby health, nutrition, sleep, recipes, bath-time, weaning, skin, and more. Whether you’re looking to understand your baby’s behaviour or prepare your child for school, there is lots to learn here.

Baby Shower Checklist Pro

If you’re planning a baby shower, you’ll want it to be super special. There’s lots to remember and this app can support you in the planning process. The app provides an extensive baby shower planning checklist, to ensure you haven’t missed anything important. Having a new baby is an exciting time and there are lots of options to get creative. Whether it’s memorable gender reveal party ideas or a pregnancy photoshoot, there are so many opportunities to create special memories.

Lullaby For Babies

Here you’ll find plenty of lullabies, to help you send your baby to sleep. Many children struggle to drift off, and so it’s well worth trying these soothing tunes to help. As well as lullabies, there are some beautiful sleep soundtracks, including sounds like chirping birds and gentle waves. A few of the benefits and features of the app are:

  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Slideshow options.
  • Simple to use.
  • All lullabies are free.
  • Comes with a timer.

To support your baby’s night-time routine, apps like these can make the experience stress-free.


When you’re expecting a baby, you’re bound to feel lots of different emotions, from excitement to stress. During this time, it’s important to practice self-care. The Happify app has plenty of different exercises, including meditations, mindfulness sessions, and journal sessions. Using the app you can reduce stress levels, challenge negative thoughts, build confidence, and more. Happify allows you to track your progress, and build a self-care routine that works for you. For other self-care app options check out Buddhify, Sanvello, and Headspace. 

Depending on your needs and preferences, you’ll prefer some apps more than others. Whether it’s education, sleep or self-care, there are lots of tools that can help. There are plenty of things to consider as a new mum, so it’s best to get yourself nice and organized!

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