Are Escape Room Enthusiasts Counting The Days?

Lockdown restrictions are easing! Unfortunately, the first step only relates to outdoors activities. Escape room enthusiasts still have a long time to wait before they can head back to their favourite rooms. If everything goes according to plan, we should be able to play physical escape rooms by May, 17th. Therefore what happens now during the first restriction lift is crucial to maintaining the safety of everyone. That’s why business owners are keeping a close eye on the UK infection rate. But in the meantime, how do escape room players cope?

They play online

The first escape room game was an online video game. It influenced the creation of the physical game in 2007. So technically, playing virtual rooms isn’t completely new. But business owners had never considered digitising their rooms until the start of the pandemic. Are remote escape rooms just as fun as the real thing? The answer is yes. You get to connect with other households on Zoom or any other video call tool and visit a room without needing to be physically there. Players get all the adrenaline rush and giggles of the real thing without putting their health at risk. 

They stay in touch with their local businesses

Admittedly, playing online doesn’t replace the tactile, hands-on experience of a physical room. But thankfully, a lot of escape room businesses have already started their countdown to the opening. Escape rooms are small, enclosed spaces that need to be disinfected between each team for safety purposes. Most businesses publish their covid-safe best practices to reassure future visitors. Business owners follow government’s guidelines and professional advice from professionals, such as Carlos Ramirez safety expert. The safety challenges need to be addressed effectively to keep risks under control. 

They make a choice

It will not be safe to play an escape room without wearing a mask. Indeed, most indoor venues are likely to recommend mask wear even after reopening. Escape room businesses will impose masks on their premises, including the reception area. Some escape rooms can also recommend gloves, but most are unlikely to do so. Indeed, as each prop will need to be disinfected between visitors, gloves could be deemed optional. However, for enthusiastic players, it’s all about making a choice. Those who are comfortable playing with masks are likely to book their game as soon as it is safe to do so. Others may choose to wait until masks are not mandatory anymore. 

They support their local businesses

Enthusiasts can still support their favourite escape rooms even if they don’t get to play rooms at the moment. Buying vouchers for future games can help keep business afloat. Players can also join supportive escape room groups online to hear more about the latest news and offers in the industry. It’s the best way to let business owners feel your support and rejoice about future games! 

In short, escape room enthusiasts are, of course, counting the days! But many have found strategies to cope with the long wait. Online rooms have turned into a virtual social event to enjoy with your usual team. Supporting the escape room industry is now more crucial than ever, both through commercial purchase and sharing your excitement on public forums. What’s even more important is for players to accept and follow the safety guidelines when rooms reopen. Nobody wants their favourite escape room business to have to shut down because of another lockdown! 

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