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How to Travel with No Regret.

The mile-high city is bustling with vibrant energy while allowing for easy access to the great outdoors. The city has a majority of millennials, and those numbers keep growing.  Denver real estate costs are high, but compared to other cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles, it’s still cheaper. Denver’s Rocky Mountains make it an iconic and beautiful city. The sun shines approximately 300 days of the year, so expect big blue skies and beautiful scenery but still, after a year like the one we have just had the idea of travelling is most appealing. 

Did you know there are benefits to travelling? Of course there are!  They are not just a one-time thing: travelling changes you physically and psychologically. Travelling has been proven to make you a happier person. 2020 has been a tough year, to say the least. But don’t let that discourage you from making travel plans in 2021. Below are a few ways on how to have zero regrets when travelling.

Eat the food

Trying new foods while travelling to a different country really makes the tasting experience that much better. The reason for this is you will gain new flavours and dishes to try at home. You might be slightly nostalgic and miss that frittata you sampled at the market or chocolate from Sweden. Always try to eat with the locals to experience the level of passion that they have for their national dishes.


This doesn’t need to cost a fortune if you’re looking to save money while travelling simply go on a walking tour on your chosen destination. Live like a local.  You will learn a few fun facts about the city and make new friends. Just like at home, sitting in a park, observing, and watching everyday life happen in front of you. One of the best tips is to get out to explore at sunrise. You will have all the best attractions to yourself with little to no crowds, and you can chat with the locals who are getting ready to start their day.

Buy the souvenirs

Let’s be honest – most people don’t need any more clutter in their lives. Souvenirs can be things like pictures, videos, a travel journal, or mail yourself a postcard. Photos give you a visual reminder every day of something magical that happened on your trip. A perfect sunrise/sunset, a beautiful skyline, the ocean, a bridge. Another idea is a travel journal – take a journal along on your trip, and every night, write a little something special about your day. How fun will this be to revisit months later at home? Another idea is to buy a postcard from your travels and write to yourself. When you arrive home, it’s in your pile of mail. You can place it on your mirror and look at it daily as a fun reminder of your trip.


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