Top Tips For Securing Your Home At Night.

There are numerous simple ways to guard your home against unwelcomed perpetrators at night. It doesn’t matter if you’re having an evening in or out; ensuring your home is secure should be your number one concern. Unfortunately, most burglars choose to commit their crimes at night because of the low visibility, and also, very few people are out and about at this time. So, how do you secure your home at night?

Have Motion Trigger Floodlights

If thieves choose to rob your home at night it is because they assume there is nobody at home. But installing motion-triggered floodlights scares them away because you’re putting them in the spotlight.

What’s more, these floodlights alert your neighbors because of the commotion. So, the chances of your neighbors calling the police are high, and the perpetrators are likely to be arrested if they choose to continue with the crime.

Lock The Garage Door

Garage doors act like weak spots for thieves to get into your home. If you keep your car in there, it makes even more sense to ensure the door is locked and secured. Invest in a home automation system that shuts the garage door automatically after opening it. Also, motion detectors could help alert you when there is an intruder.

Additionally, when you’re not around for a couple of days, ensure you unplug the garage opener. Also, locking the door itself helps because no one can lift it.

Install Security System

Installing cameras around the house is the easiest way to secure your home without breaking the bank. Cameras that you can operate using your mobile apps are ideal too because you get an accurate time footage view through your mobile phone at any time. 

In addition, if the security system incorporates a smart home automation system, it could help secure your home more. For example, because you’re able to set the timer to turn on lights around your home at various intervals, especially when you’re out, the house will appear occupied. It will also help if you install security lights from to enhance your security.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Most thieves take advantage of decluttered yards to gain access to your home. For example, if you leave tools lying around the yard, they could use them to break a window and get to the house. So, clean your yard of any broken bottles, overgrown trees and bushes.

Also, avoid leaving a ladder lying outside in the yard since thieves could use it to climb to a higher window that is probably unlocked. Finally, secure your home by putting away gardening and barbecue tools when you’re done using them.

Get a Safe

A safe is a safer and affordable way to keep your valuables secure. Things like jewellery, guns, cash, and sensitive documents all should go to a safe. Plus, you can quickly move it around or choose one bolted to the wall or floor. If you’re going for a portable safe, ensure that it is heavy and clunky so that thieves can’t carry it.

Also, go for a fireproof and waterproof safe for extra safety. 


Home invasion and burglary may never come to an end in this society. But that isn’t a reason to live in fear of the unknown. You can easily avoid all that by following the above tips. They will help secure your home and reduce the chances of a crook even thinking of breaking into your property.


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