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5 Reasons Smokers Choose to Quit

If you’re a smoker, I’m not going to patronise you –  you’re probably well aware of all the health risks associated with cigarettes and the harmful chemicals that they produce. Lung cancer, heart disease, cataracts and the increased risk of a stroke to name but a few. You’re also probably surrounded by friends and family who are urging you to quit. 

However, when previous smokers have been asked what it was that triggered their desire to quit, many said it was the little things that gave them the kick they needed. The simple, daily impact that smoking had on their lives played a huge part in their decision to quit for good. With some going cold turkey and others opting for less harmful products such as Vaping and e-cigs – click here to find out more about switching to Vaping products. 

So, what were the most common reasons that smokers choose to quit? Read on to find out more. 

The impact on their senses

Did you know that almost all smokers experience a dulling of their sense of smell and taste? When people decide to quit, it makes eating and drinking a whole different experience. Smokers probably aren’t aware of the dulling of their senses because it’s a gradual effect that takes place over time. However, if a smoker chooses to quit, then they can expect their senses to return quite quickly and in turn, appreciate flavours and smells once again. 

The smell

The smell of stale and fresh cigarette smoke is unpleasant, especially for those around you who don’t smoke. This makes coming back after a smoke break at work or being near someone rather awkward. Many smokers find themselves feeling a little self-conscious about the smell of cigarettes on their clothes, breath and hair which is one of the reasons they decided to quit. 

It makes you look older

Female smokers, in particular, find that premature ageing is a huge factor when it comes to their decision to quit smoking for good. Smoking changes the skin, making it no longer soft and supple but stretched, strained and leathery. This, in turn, makes it more susceptible to wrinkles and deep lines. Smokers are denying the skin of oxygen which constricts your blood vessels and over time will changes the look and feel of your skin. Essentially speeding up the ageing process is what most smokers are doing when they light up. 

It puts off potential partners

Single smokers may find that their habit is restricting their ability to find a new partner. As more and more people are switching off from smoking and becoming vocal about their dislike of it, smokers may find that meeting someone romantically is much more difficult. 


As if all these reasons weren’t bad enough, the possibility of impotence is also a common reason why smokers quit for good. Smoking affects the blood vessels in the body, and blood plays an important part in the bedroom and a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection. It’s no wonder smokers are ditching the cigarettes completely or switching to different products! 


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