Going The Distance: How To Keep Long Distance Love Alive.

Long-distance love has long been treated as a disaster. Films have been written about it, songs have lamented it, and countless couples have felt its sting. Still, over 14 million people are currently in long-distance relationships, and bad press aside, 58% of them are making it work.

Unfortunately, for those of us who are struggling, or who have been scorned before, that statics can seem like an impossible goal or the result of some elaborate magic trick. But, you don’t need to pull a rabbit out of a hat to find out how to make your spark strong across the miles. In fact, according to the couples who are already managing to make it work, you simply need to implement these straightforward solutions to keep the light shining at the end of your love across locations.

Tip #1: Never skip date night

Spending time together is crucial for strengthening any relationship, with date nights and time snuggled up on the couch being the main ways that even couples with kids stay close. Obviously, these go-to’s are off the cards when there are miles between you, but that doesn’t mean date night isn’t still an option. After all, technological advances over the past year, especially, have facilitated an age of long-distance communications that are practically as good as in-person meets. By setting a non-negotiable time each day to connect via Zoom, where you can either chat or watch a movie together like any other couple, you ensure that both parties never forget that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that this love brings out in both of you.

Tip #2: Prove your commitment

Commitment, and the trust it evokes, is a touchstone for any relationship, but it becomes especially essential where distance is concerned. While it might not be practical for you to move in together or have kids right now, it’s therefore fundamental that you find unique ways to commit regardless. Of course, to some extent, pursuing a long-distance love is a commitment in itself, but further steps, including joint purchases (pets, or perhaps property?) and even engagement if the relationship is at that stage can avoid the feeling that either one of you is keeping one foot out of a relationship that’s already compromised.

Tip #3: Have an end plan

There’s nothing wrong with going the distance for things like temporary career moves, or even citizenship issues in advance of getting married, but you both need to know that things will end at some point. Whether this end date is based on the imminent end of a position, or even a future in which you get married and seek citizenship with the help of an immigration lawyer, it doesn’t matter. The point is that, just like any other couple, you need to plan for that future. And, if you want to be one of the 58% that make that cut, you’ll ensure that future involves you both coming together at last.

Relationships are tough, and long distance love is harder, but you can make it work, and these pointers can help you do it.

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