Practical Ways to Prepare Your Family For A Big Move

A Yopa online poll indicated that 65% of people lost sleep due to moving homes, while 40% reported illness during the moving period. These statistics reiterate the stress levels people experience as they relocate to another home. However, you can prepare your family in advance to facilitate a smoother transition. That said, here are some practical ways to prepare your family for the big move. 

Have a family discussion 

Not only does relocation cause significant stress, but it can also trigger overwhelming changes for your family. Moreover, you may notice your kids’ moods change because they’re venturing into unfamiliar grounds. This makes it imperative to have a family discussion to help them process the transition with ease. 

It’s prudent to create a happier environment for the conversation to avoid overwhelming emotions. For instance, you can set up a grand dinner with favourite dishes and begin from there. By all means, please explain why you’re moving to your kids to help them appreciate the process. Let them ask questions if they have doubts, and make them feel safe about the process. 

Include your kids in the decision-making process

It’s prudent to involve your kids in the decision-making process to facilitate an easier relocation. Not only will it give you a different perspective, but you’d make arrangements for your kids’ needs. Therefore, you can seek their opinion on neighbourhoods to ensure that you’re all on the same page. Furthermore, you can take a virtual tour of select homes to pique their interests and consider the one they’re excited about. Perhaps their choice isn’t ideal for your budget. In that case, you can discuss with them and reach a compromise to keep everyone satisfied. 

Research your select home and environment

It would be disastrous to move to a new neighbourhood and discover many awful things. This makes it imperative to conduct thorough research. By all means, try to ascertain new things about your new environment before you commit. For instance, you’d want to speak to an immigration lawyer to understand the legal requirements of relocating to a new country. You’d also want to familiarise yourself with their culture to connect more with your new neighbours. You can also visit the new home and neighbourhood frequently if it isn’t in a new country for an informed decision. 

Be a tourist in the new environment 

You can make relocating more exciting by taking a family vacation to your new city or country. It builds anticipation in your kids while helping you to assess your new neighbourhood further. Fortunately, you don’t only have to visit your new house. You can visit many exciting places and create more memorable moments. For instance, you can have a beach day if applicable or visit a local museum. Perhaps you can try camping or hiking to enjoy the great outdoors. You can also enjoy a road trip to visit neighbouring areas and enjoy scenic rides. 


Although relocation can be disruptive, you can make it easier for your family. Hopefully, you’ll consider these tips for a stress-free move. 


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