How to Light Up Your Home

How much light enters a room, natural or otherwise, can drastically change the whole feeling of it when you walk in. After all, studies have shown that light can affect your mood and emotions.

Something as simple as lighting can help a room seem airy and spacious, or cosy and inviting. So, what should you do with the different rooms in your home that might need different lighting?

Figure Out the Purpose of the Room

What is your room mainly used for? This might dictate how much light you want to get into it.

For example, somewhere with good light might become a natural place for you to go if you want to take some work home with you or if your kids have homework to finish. However, you might prefer lower lighting in your bedroom to help you relax and drift off. In fact, many people struggle to sleep with light in the room and choose to install blackout blinds to block it out completely!

The living room is a space that needs some help when it comes to lighting. Natural sunlight will stream in during the day, but people often have heavy curtains or blinds to ensure their privacy in the evenings (as well as better lighting to watch Netflix)!

All of these factors can help to inform what kind of artificial lighting you need to add into the room.

Find the Right Lighting Solution

Once you’ve figured out what each room is primarily used for, you can decide what kind of lighting you need in the room.

Somewhere like the dining room or kitchen could benefit from track lighting, with adjustable and flexible lights so you can reach any darker spots in the room. With a proper table to sit at and ample lighting, it’s sure to become the perfect gathering spot for your family if you have work to do. Some extra floor lamps wouldn’t go amiss either to maximise the light in the room.

Some gorgeous ceiling lights, like a grand chandelier from Cox & Cox for example, can help your lighting become a stylish focal point for your living room and could provide a cosy feeling when you’re watching a film on the sofa. Table lamps are the perfect low lighting for a hallway or for your bedside table, so you can enjoy a book before bedtime, without having to get out of bed to switch off the main light!


Get the mood right in each of the rooms in your home by thinking about how you’re going to light it. Whether you’re going for cosy low lighting or a bright spacious vibe, make sure you get the lighting right for what each room is used for.

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