Starting A Family Business

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They say working with friends or family can be a trying experience, however there are those that relish in the long-term company of their most dear and find they work very well together, with each individual finding strength in their personal areas of experience.This is why it may appeal to parents of children in their late childhood to early teen years to start up a small, easy going family business that everyone can participate and take pride in.

Why a Family Business?

With brand name shops and conglomerates sweeping their way across the globe, the way of the family business is being gradually squashed out, along with its wholesome family values and warming qualities. However, independent and boutique shops are on the rise which suggests customers seek out these smaller businesses and enjoy knowing exactly where their hard-earned money is going and take pride in supporting, small and local organisations.

The Benefits of a Family Business

There are many more benefits to starting up a family business over the potential increased income. From creating jobs for your children in their early days, teaching them to take pride in their work and helping them to learn important business-focused skills that they can develop as they grow. Considering the growing gap between available jobs and graduating students, you may even offer your children an opportunity that sees them excel above their peers.

Exploring Family Business Ideas

Starting a business doesn’t need to be on a grand scale with a commercial property, office space or warehouse but can start small, niche and local. Consider dog walking or sitting services that can be done at home or in your local area, starting with friends and family and then offering around to your neighbours and the local community. Whatever you decide, do make sure you get any relevant bonds in place before you start. 

Got a garden and the kids love to get their hands dirty? Start a vegetable grow patch – with the growing interest in homegrown gardening and self-sustainable living, families are encouraged to grow more of their own produce. Considering most common vegetables aren’t particularly hardy, even with a condensed grow garden you may harvest more produce than you are able to get through. Leaving the perfect opportunity to make a small profit from your humble vegetable patch.

If glitter and crafts are your forte, why not begin a craft business where smaller hands get to have more input. From greeting cards to jewellery and trinkets, there are plenty of handmade craft fairs that families can vend at and it can help build supportive working relationships for your children in the future with other business craft owners and vendors.

Pre-existing businesses that could work well for dedicated families include eateries such as a small restaurant or café, coffee shops, small retail stores and even an easy to manage bed and breakfast property. Although it is recommended that some business experience is gained and experience sought prior to exploring such business ventures as a family unit.A company like Gram Tax Accounting could help you out. 

Of course, family blogs are a popular endeavour with plenty of families across oceans connecting and networking with each other as they read, relate to and enjoy other family blogs. Sharing family stories and the hardships of parenting little ones across different environments. All you need is a computer and your family unit, and the content will deliver itself!

Whether you explore a blog, a brick and mortar business or a business that works from home, boost your family up and give your kids a great start in life with a family-owned business enterprise. If you find yourself in the position of needing to employ others as your business grows into a small empire, be sure to learn more about employment law to stay ahead of the game. 

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