3 Ways To Celebrate Your Hen Do.

Long gone are the days of celebrating your hen do with an inflatable man, L plates on a sash and willie straws…or maybe that’s just not how I roll. 

Generally we’re becoming a bit more creative with how we spend our last evening/weekend/week of singledom. 
As you probably recall, I didn’t get to enjoy a hen night. The whole point of a secret wedding is that no one knows so a hen night wouldn’t have been conducive in keeping that secret. 

Had I had a hen night these are the ways I’d like to have celebrated.

Escape Room

I love an Escape Room at the best of times but pair it with my best girl friends and I’d be in my absolute element. An hour of puzzle solving followed by afternoon tea and a few drinks would be absolutely idyllic. In fact, if you were so inclined you could probably pay an events management company, similar to the one on this website, to sort you out with a whole afternoon of fun. Starting with an Escape Room, ending with a filthy takeaway pizza and full of joy in the middle. Absolute perfection. 

Axe Throwing

Since a colleague mentioned she does Axe Throwing as a hobby I’ve been intrigued. I’ve researched and this website tells me I would LOVE it. Wanging an axe through the air with all my strength would be a great way to deal with any pent up, pre-wedding nerves as well as bringing out my inner strong woman. I see no problem with this at all…aside from my lack of upper body strength. Luckily I’m not TOO competitive or I might find myself forgetting the axe and googling Ten Point Crossbow best crossbows in an attempt to cheat win! 

A Cottage Getaway

Now, I’m not thinking a big city break or a weekend in Benidorm, rather a weekend in a cottage somewhere like Yorkshire or the Lake District would have pleased me greatly. A handful of my closest friends staying in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with good wine and good food would have been an amazing way to celebrate my upcoming nuptials. In fact, given the last couple of years I dream at least once a month of having this break away with my lovely ladies without an inflatable man in sight!

Although these are all ways I’d love to have spent a hen night, I’d give a limb to do any of these activities with my favourite people some time soon. 

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