Creating The Ideal Garden: Inspiration Tips

The garden can be a lovely space to spend time in the warmer months of the year but it is also possibly the hardest area to design. Space can often be an issue with the backyard and it is also an area that can require a lot of maintenance. With this in mind, here are a few garden design tips which should help you to transform your backyard.

Use Climbers if Space is an Issue

Having a beautiful green garden with plenty of plant life is a nice idea, but for many it is simply not an option due to the lack of space. Climbers are a fantastic solution to this problem as they bring added volume and visual appeal to the perimeter of your backyard.

Create a Social Space

There is no point in having a beautiful garden if there is nowhere to spend time. Have a space set up with chairs and a table, or even  Tropilex hammocks, so that you can relax outside whether this is with your morning coffee and a paper or socialising with friends. Even those that have limited space should be able to find a small table and chairs that will fit.

Use Paving

Paving can provide pathways for walking through the garden while also dividing the backyard into different sections. For design inspiration Specialists like Marshall’s have beautiful and practical paving that can look fantastic in any garden.

Add Visual Appeal with Ornaments

Any kind of ornament can immediately add visual appeal to any garden. This will primarily be a space for nature but a well placed and tasteful ornament can make the area more interesting.

Consider Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential if you want to continue being outside once the sun goes down. There are many types of lighting to consider which can create a pleasant atmosphere, including candles, fairy lights and spotlights.

Inject Colour

Plants and flowers can bring colour and life to the garden but you must also make sure that you plant these carefully and always plan for growth. If space is an issue then you could always use hanging plants too.

The garden can be the hardest area to decorate and a space that also requires a lot of maintenance. These tips should help you to design a stylish, attractive and functional space which will get good usage during the warmer months of the year. Even if space is an issue there are always steps that you can take to create an attractive space.

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