How To Plan The Perfect 50th Birthday

As you get older, you stop paying as much attention to birthdays. However, one birthday sticks out above all others, and that is the 50th. If you have a loved one approaching this age, you will want to make it special. After all, you only get to celebrate this milestone once. So, how do you go about planning a 50th birthday?

Everyone will want to celebrate differently, of course. However, the following tips should give you some ideas on how to plan a 50th birthday party in style.

Keep It A Secret

Anyone approaching the age of fifty will expect a big fuss, so it won’t be a huge surprise when they find out that you have actually planned something. However, the more you can keep under wraps the better.

Fifty is a special birthday, and the anticipation can add to the atmosphere you create. Stick the landing, and your loved ones will be glad you were able to keep things secret for so long.

Get In Touch With Everyone

As life moves forward, some of the people you are close to you begin to drift away. You still care about them just the same, but your kids and close friends will move on to new adventures in different parts of the world. You may only see them again on special occasions, and there is nothing more special than a 50th birthday celebration.

Try not to leave anyone out when crafting your guest list. It doesn’t matter how far away people have moved; you can get everyone in one place if you plan the party early enough. Get those 50th birthday invitations in the post as soon as you can, and you should expect a big turnout.

Plan A Sit Down Meal

It doesn’t matter how you spend the day with your loved one, the best part of any birthday is spending time with the people you care about. With 50 being such a huge birthday, it is unlikely that the person of honor with have enough to thoroughly catch up with everyone, especially if you have kept the main event a secret. This won’t be so much of a problem if arrange to have a sit-down meal with everyone at some point.

It doesn’t have to be on their exact birthday if it clashes with the other activities you have planned, but a quiet meal in a restaurant allows your guests to talk amongst each other in a relaxed environment. Therefore, everyone gets to catch up and enjoy each other’s company once more with the birthday person as the center of attention.

 Pick your Gift Perfectly

As the person planning the event, it is probably best if your gift stands out above the rest. Unfortunately, it is difficult to shop for someone turning 50. Chances are that they already have everything they could possibly need. Therefore, you need to think about what they really want.

When you hit 50, life starts to slow down a little. This makes it the perfect opportunity for you to plan a relaxing holiday for just the two of you. Try and pick a location they have always wanted to visit and plan a trip around this destination. Again, you only have one 50th birthday. Therefore, a once-in-a-lifetime trip is probably exactly what they have been longing for.


Since 50 is such a special birthday, you can feel a little better about going all out on the gifts. Cameo is a website that allows you to get in contact with certain celebrities so they can record a message of your choosing. The list of potential celebrities is huge, a 50th birthday request is quite popular on the site. Don’t just wish them a happy birthday yourself. Hook them up with a message from their hero, and it will be a birthday they won’t soon forget.

Incorporate Gold Into The Theme

The world is full of interesting traditions, one of which is associating milestones in our lives with specific elements. As such 50 is associated with gold. That is why the years beyond this birthday are known as the golden years.

With this in mind, it might be a good idea to incorporate this color or metal into some of their day. You can hang up golden balloons, give them a card in a golden envelope, or go crazy with some golden costuming. The gold theme is very popular amongst those in their fifties, so make sure your loved one isn’t left out.


50 is such an important year in a person’s life, so it is no wonder why you would want to make sure that this birthday is special for the people you care about. Follow some of the advice above to achieve this, and also try to incorporate something unique.

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