Brainy Activities Your Kids Will Love

Testing kids’ brains is one of the most valuable things you can do as a parent. Stretching them gets them used to the idea that they should make use of their cognitive resources and shouldn’t be afraid when they find things hard. 

But what should you introduce them to? That’s the big question and the topic we address in this post. We look at some of the brainiest activities out there and how you can use them to help your child develop and succeed. 

New Languages

One place to start is by getting them to learn a new language. Beginning at an early age and providing them with an advantage over their peers that lasts for years. 

Childhood is often the best time to learn a new language because the synapses are still forming. Kids have more flexible brains, allowing them to better mimic languages and expressions compared to older adults. 

If you can get your child to learn two languages, that might be even better. Stretching them and getting them to use more of the cognitive capacity available to them can help them in life. 


At the same time, introducing your kids to brainteasers might also be useful, particularly for bright or especially brainy kids. Getting them to work through puzzles and paradoxes forces them to solve problems from new angles. 

Problem-solving is an excellent life skill that’s sadly missing from the world. While some people have it, many don’t, and that’s a problem that can derail careers and prevent kids from achieving their best life. But with brain training and puzzles from an early age, you can create an environment that improves their baseline skill level. 

Science Experiments

You can also encourage your child to learn more about the natural world by helping them conduct their own science experiments. These could take many forms from collecting insects from the garden to creating soda rockets. 

Science experiments introduce children to the natural world in a more visceral format. It helps the experience feel more real to them. Being hands-on helps them learn. 

Clever Games

Another option is to turn brain-teasing activities into something fun using brainy games. Chess, solitaire, and go are all excellent options for getting kids to think strategically. 

If your child is particularly creative, you could give them the materials to create their own games. Having them come up with novel ideas is an excellent way to stretch their brains and get them to do something useful with their minds. 

Failing that, you could provide them with stiff competition in the form of computer opponents. Getting them to take on machines in their quest to improve their chess moves can turn them into better players, even if they never win a single match. 

Code New Software

Finally, you might get your kids to code new software. Having them create a program can be an excellent way to get them interested in computing and may even set them up for a job in the future. Coding is exciting because once they understand it, it means they can create any digital object they want. 


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