What to wear as a wedding guest

While there are fewer restrictions regarding what to wear to a wedding than in decades before, knowing what to wear as a wedding guest can be tricky – especially when there are still tons of new wedding trends each year. Here’s a quick guide on how to decide what to wear when attending a wedding to ensure you fit into the event without feeling over or underdressed. 

The dress code

There’s a reason many brides and grooms take the time to decide on a dress code: because it fits into their vision of the big day. And a dress code can actually rather be a blessing in disguise. Given the recent laxer approach to wedding attire, a dress code can guide you in the right direction to deciding the perfect outfit. If your wedding has a smart casual dress code, opt for anything from a tailored blazer to a pair of smart trousers and a shirt. If you’re aiming for a more formal style, try a short or long formal dress, or a trouser suit with formal heels.

The weather

Picking your outfit depending on the season will ensure you’re both cool/warm enough to be comfortable for the day, as well as help you hit the nail on the head when it comes to seasonal colours and themes for the wedding. For a summer wedding, choose light tailoring in pastel and neutral shades, for example, linen pieces. If you’re thinking of hitting up a wedding in the winter, instead focus on jewel tones and cool hues like golds and silvers, burgundy and plum, and emerald green and deep blue. Want to stay warm and stylish? Try a soft shawl or faux-fur coat for the evening reception. 


The right accessories can totally pull a whole outfit together; they can create focal points to your outfit and also act as a fun conversation starter if you find that you don’t recognise half the invite list. For a more formal ceremony, a diamond necklace can add a touch of elegance to the day, while a more informal or boho wedding lends itself to statement earrings or a brightly coloured bag.  


Last but not least, the shoes. The right shoes can make a big statement and can turn a plain outfit into an unforgettable piece of clothing. For example, if you’re thinking of wearing all-black, why not add a pop of colour with an orange or pink pair of stilettos? Just remember to be practical; the last thing you want is to have aching feet all night, so if you’re thinking of bringing out your best pair of high heels, don’t forget to pack some fold-up pumps, as well. 

Putting together your outfit for an upcoming wedding doesn’t have to be impossible with these great tips above. The biggest tip of all? Have fun with it!


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