Supporting Your Body To Get Pregnant Easier

Around 1 in 7 couples in the UK will struggle to get pregnant despite having regular unprotected intercourse. For those who want to become parents, facing infertility or experiencing challenges in getting pregnant can be a harsh blow to their family plans. While you can look at other topics, such as adoption or surrogacy, many couples want to explore their options for getting pregnant before considering alternative ways to start a family.


There are many old wives’ tales that claim to help you get pregnant easier, such as lying with your legs up the leg after sex or having sex in certain positions, but these are false. That being said, there is some truth in a few old wives’ tales, and these, in conjunction with more up-to-date knowledge on fertility, can boost your chances of conceiving.

Reduce Stress

There have been many anecdotal stories over the years of people trying for a baby for many years or undergoing fertility treatments only to fall pregnant when they take the pressure off themselves. And there is some truth in this. While stress alone won’t make you infertile, it can hamper your chances of conceiving. Research indicates that women with anxiety are twice as likely to struggle to get pregnant. So take a step back, address your stress levels and work on reducing this to help you boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Healthy Diet

Again, there is some truth in the old wives’ tale of eating healthy to boost fertility, and some foods can help you boost your health, which in turn can improve your chances of getting pregnant faster. Focusing on eating a range of foods packed with nutrients can give your body the support it needs to prepare for conception and carrying a baby. While there isn’t one specific food or meal, one survey did monitor women in two groups; one who ate a hearty breakfast and one who didn’t and those who had the hearty breakfast started ovulating more frequently (a study conducted on a group of 60 women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome).

IVF and Fertility Treatments

If you find you are still struggling to conceive and have explored all of the options available for natural conception, then it can be beneficial to talk to experts about infertility and look at your options. Booking appointments to discuss IVF or attending an egg freezing event to see how this can help you can be a great way to discover your options and decide on the right course of action for you going forward. Even if you choose not to continue, you will have learnt vital information about your body, how you proceed, and your current fertility status.

Quit Bad Habits

Bad habits can have a detrimental effect on your body and overall health but can directly impact how easy it is for you to conceive. While you don’t want to cut out everything you love from your life, stopping smoking or excessive alcohol consumption can be a great place to start. As can kicking and unhealthy addictions you might have, such as drugs or food addiction. Maintaining a healthy weight can also be beneficial, along with regular exercise to support good health and optimal body condition.

Getting pregnant easier isn’t something that all couples can achieve. Still, by looking at the different aspects of work life that can impact your ability to get pregnant, you can make some changes to help support falling pregnant and doing so easier.

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