Get your boost with Blue Coffee Box

Get Your Boost with Blue Coffee Box – Giveaway.

I was sent Blue Coffee Box in return for this post. All opinions are, as always my own. Read on to find out how to be in with a chance of winning A Blue Coffee Box  – there is also a code for £3 off. Everyone’s a winner. 

I’m one of those terrible people who skips breakfast – I know, I know it’s fuel for the day or some such thing – it’s just pre-noon food doesn’t please me.
I do start every day with a cup of coffee though – it’s the petrol for my soul. 

I used to drink a LOT of coffee, like 8 cups a day, we used to buy a jar weekly. With age, the desire for sleep became stronger as did my desire for a decent coffee and so my habits changed.
Less coffee was being consumed but it was of a better quality – one of the better life decisions I’ve made. 

We did have a fancy pants coffee machine for a while but the novelty soon wore off – the pods were expensive, not very environmentally friendly and they only ever made half a mug of coffee, that’s not enough to kick start anyone’s day.
We swapped the fancy machine for a filter machine and treated ourselves to a stove top pot and became ‘proper coffee’ converts. 

UK coffee subscription company Blue Coffee Box got in touch asking whether I’d like to try one of their subscription boxes and run a giveaway – bit of a no brainer really, I get to try a couple of their gourmet blends and one of you lucky ducks has the chance of winning one too! 

Blue Coffee Box

Blue Coffee Box Subscription

The Blue Coffee Box subscription couldn’t be more simple to set up either for yourself or as a gift for someone else. 

  • Choose your ground – whole bean to espresso and everything in between. 
  • Choose your roast – light, medium, dark or ‘surprise me’. You can also opt for decaf if that’s what floats your boat. 
  • Choose your delivery frequency – fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly. 
  • Choose your payment plan – month by month, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or yearly. 
  • Wait for your Blue Coffee Box to arrive.

Your subscription is delivered in a letterbox sized box containing two full size bags of gourmet coffee chosen for you based on your taste preferences and lovely little cards with the origins of your blend and the tasting notes – keep hold of these so you remember which you liked the best.  Handpicked from 22 countries the Blue Coffee Box subscription gives you the chance to discover coffee varieties from countries, regions and roasters you might not usually get the chance to try.  All the Blue Coffee Box coffees are ethically sourced direct from the farmers and co-operatives, this goes a long way in helping to create a sustainable farming future for the producers and their families. 

Blue Coffee Box tasting notes

Blue Coffee Box 

Our box came with Inza Lot 1 hailing from Columbia and Cusco from Peru both in an espresso grind – it was powdery perfection, not ‘gritty’ as can sometimes be the case. The coffee comes in resealable bags and the aroma hits you the moment you open the box – bliss. Both coffees are beautiful but the Inza Lot 1 was my favourite – with notes of blackberries, lime, brown sugar and dark chocolate there was a lovely almost caramel-iness (is that even a word?) to it. If we’re going to have only two cups of coffee a day they should most certainly be wonderful! 

Blue Coffee Box Giveaway!

The wonderful people at Blue Coffee Box are not only offering you £3 off your order using code MAB3 but they are also give you the chance to WIN a Blue Coffee Box – see below for how to enter! 

Blue Coffee Box Giveaway

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