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    Making Memories?

    As a human, I particularly enjoy the past time of ‘dwelling on things’. I’ve written before about my worries, about how I fear my children will grow up as dysfunctional members of society or some such thing.

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    10 Things I Would Tell My BC Self

    I’ve written before about what I would tell my 15 year old self if I could jump in a time machine and meet up for a beer milkshake. It was mostly life stuff though I did briefly mention to her…

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    Happy Mummiversary to Me!

    Today is a very special day, it’s my 8th Mummiversary! While Aoife has spent a lovely day celebrating her birthday with friends and received lots of lovely presents, I’ve spent the day internally smug. Praising myself for 8 successful years…

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    Teaching your kids essential Money skills.

    Your children learn pretty much everything from you in their early years. They learn how to tidy up, how to approach dogs safely and how to make a mean Spag Bol. What they might not pick up from you is…