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In my 20s I firmly believed I was going to live the party years forever, I was going to travel the world! Do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, live somewhere exciting and definitely never have children.

I don’t like children and I could never be responsible enough to look after one, especially with a hangover (me not it).Then one chilly evening in December 2009 we decided to take a trip to the German market, we drank copious amounts of wheat beer and had a FANTASTIC idea.

And here I am. Late 30s still living in Leeds and with two children.

The party years are over.

Don’t get me wrong I generally still don’t like children (except my own) and I still feel far from being a responsible grown up who should be left in charge of two small humans, but I’m doing OK.

I’ve not broken them or lost them and they still seem to quite like me so I MUST be doing OK

I’m intimidated by other mums (they all seem to be so GOOD at it),  I find parenting forums sanctimonious & pretty mean (I accidentally stumbled across a thread where a woman had asked a question about SMA and within 5 replies I was almost crying for her. You’d have thought she’d have revealed a plan to feed her children arsenic!) so I’ve just plodded along making it up, playing at being a Mummy as best I can and having a lot of fun along the way.
This blog will just be about the journey we’re having, it may be of interest to no one and you know what? That’s fine. It isn’t intended to be a serious blog about how to be a perfect parent, if anything it’s a selfish act. An opportunity for me to feel like I’m partaking in a semi grown up conversation whilst exposing my dubious parenting and large consumption of wine.


Grab a glass and join me.

Thanks for reading, I'd love to know what you think.

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