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What to Consider When You Buy Your Next Pair of Glasses.

Has the time come for a new pair of glasses? Even after you’ve got your prescription sorted, the task doesn’t end there. The best part is choosing your new frames! However, with all the choices available in-store and online (see for retro sets and more) it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by all the options. 

With so much to consider like the colour, the shape of the frames, the size, the material and things like the weight or even nose pads, it’s hardly surprising that many of us are left scratching our heads. You want to look good, but your glasses need to be practical for everyday life. What about working out? Or doing sports? Is there any way to have practical glasses that also make you look and feel good?

If you’re feeling a little stumped, don’t worry! Here we’ll look at what you should consider when you buy your next pair of glasses.

Consider your face shape

Do you know what face shape you have? Maybe you have an oval face? Heart-shaped? Square or rectangular? Or maybe your face is round? If you want to discover the best frames for your face, then you need to determine what face shape you have. Only then will it be easier to find the right frame to complement your face and enhance your beautiful features. Thankfully, due to modern technology, you can now try on frames virtually rather than spending hours in an opticians!

Consider the colour of the frame

Colour is another important aspect of frame selection. Much like certain jewellery complements certain skin tones, the same theory applies to frames. Your skin tone will determine which colour frame will look best on you. 

  • Cool skin tones: Pink and blue undertones? Go for darker colours like black, grey and even pink and blue to really make your features pop. Opting for pale colours will probably make you look drawn and washed out. So stick with bold, block colours.
  • Warm skin tones: Brown or honey shades are the best matches for those with warm undertones to their skin. Tortoiseshell patterns and even olive-green colours will turn heads for all the right reasons! 

Consider your lifestyle

Do you like to keep active? Frequently jog or get sweaty at the gym? What about sitting in front of a screen all day? Your lifestyle can play a huge role in choosing the right glasses for you. If you like to move your body regularly, then a lightweight frame with nose pads will stay on your face during those sweaty sessions. If your work involves staring at a screen most of the day, consider blue light protection in your lenses to protect your eyes from screen damage. 

Finally… Don’t forget your personality

Don’t forget that your glasses aren’t just an aid to correct your vision. They’re a fantastic accessory that can help you express your personality and style. So consider a quirky frame, find a colour that complements your style, face shape and your skin tone – alternatively, get more than one frame so you can mix and match as often as you like! 

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