Things I miss from the BC years

There are the obvious things I miss from the BC (before children) years but I can live without



Not sharing my food

Peeing without an audience/running commentary

Being on time.

Then there are the things that I wish I could have at least bid a proper farewell to. If I’d have known it was the last time I’d have done it better.

Things I miss from the BC years!

My figure

I’ve never had an amazing figure but during the Party Years I managed to get it to a pretty good place. I liked it and everything was where it should be.
Strictly speaking, giving up smoking was when the weight started creeping on but once I became pregnant with Aoife food freedom was found! Instead of spending lunchtimes fretting that someone would judge me for eating more than a dust salad with a side of fluff, I could legit eat sandwiches, crisps and things wrapped in pastry, it was immense!
Now I’m just immense.

My waist and jawline have been replaced but kangaroo pouch and chins.
I live in fear of getting one of those huge necks that hang down from the chin and wobble like a turkey. The kind that makes it look like your head is attached to your body with blancmange.

Spontaneous Nights Out

I miss the days of texting Rory telling him to meet me in The Vic at 5.30pm for a few beers then maybe head for cocktails. Instead I’m texting him to make sure he leaves work at 5.30pm prompt and comes home to tag me out because the children are on me.

I miss deciding at 6pm that we’ll go out for a pint or to the pictures because we can.

Even if we had the luxury of a 24Hr babysitter on standby, ‘The Figure’ has ensured that I can no longer throw something on.
Instead I must try on numerous outfits, cry a while, get cross with myself then put on the first thing I tried.
It’s all very time consuming and not very spontaneous.

 Planned Nights Out

We may have a babysitter but still it’s not like the old days. We’ll be home before midnight and we don’t want to drink too much because a 6am start and a day of chatter with a hangover is most unpleasant.
When we have the luxury of the children being at Grandma’s for a holiday we have every intention of living it large.

One day last year we had brunch in Harrogate, went to the cinema in Leeds, then went to the pub for a few drinks before popping to the shop to buy something for tea.
Three dates in one day and we were still home by 9.30pm.
The Rock & Roll is there in spirit but not in action.


In the BC years a holiday might involve a bit of site seeing, reading on the beach, afternoon naps and late dinners. Even a hectic city break could be broken up by nipping into a bar or a restaurant without firstly checking there is a kids menu.
Ambling round a Provencal market is now a 10 minute dash before the children are bored and we’re buying their ‘good’ behaviour with ice cream.

A trip to the beach used to mean taking a towel and a book, now it’s a pop up tent, spare clothes, nappies, snacks, drinks, balls, buckets & spades.
The whole time is then spent running back and forth to the sea

“but Daddy I’m sandy, I need to wash it off…Oh no the sand is back, I need to wash it off again”…..

I used to love visiting hotels too, a chance to relax and unwind. Now it’s sitting silently, sipping wine from a plastic cup in the dark at 7pm so the children can get to sleep.

Things i miss from the bc years holidays

A Normal Handbag

I’ve always been one for a large handbag (you never know what you may acquire as the day goes on) but it generally contained the basics; purse, phone, keys, lip balm, eyeliner and a kite.

Now my handbag has been replaced by a messenger bag and the contents are substantial.
At this precise moment my bag contains; purse, phone, keys, kite, reins, a nappy, nappy sacks, wet wipes, antibacterial gel, 2 wooly hats, 1 pair of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, some pebbles, some sand, a penny, a ticket, a Mickey Mouse hair slide, some pencils, the best drawing ever, tissues (clean and used) a small hippo, a tiny pony purse, a gel pen that doesn’t work(but I’m not allowed to throw away), a shopping bag and 2 notepads.

 Watching Grown Up TV during the day

I used to love an afternoon of binge watching, CSI, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, American Horror Story.
Alas all of the shows I like contain swearing, blood and general disturbing behaviour.
My daytime TV viewing has now been replaced by Ben & Holly, Paw Patrol and Toy Story. I’m not too proud to admit I even have a favourite character in each show.

To all these amazing things I say goodbye.
I am sorry I took you for granted.
I miss you all greatly and live in hope of us reuniting one day.

The Pramshed



  • Becki

    Yes to the TV one. I desperately miss Neighbours 🙁 X wont let me watch it EVER. He actually screams if I put it on. He’s nearly 3… Fortunately though X does like to carry his own bag, so I have returned to my own handbag after years of changing bags! It still has random mess in the bottom of it though. At last check there was purse, a pen, X’s camera, Peter Rabbit and a spare pack of wipes… Not doing too badly lol! #blogstravaganza

  • shinnersandthebrood

    Haha! ALL of the above! All of it! Ahhh the holidays. And Criminal Minds at lunch-time. Now I can’t watch Criminal Minds full stop because I think a serial killer is going to kill all my babies in their beds! I used to be tough! Love this post. 🙂 #blogstravaganza

  • thetaleofmummyhood

    I love this, I was nodding away to each point! I really miss normal holidays, we had our first as a family in November. We really enjoyed it, but it was so much hard work! I would absolutely love a handbag without raisins hidden in every fold too. Oh god, and no more Bing in the day I can’t stand Bing! Haha! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza, It would be fab to see you again next week xx

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