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Weekly Winedown #2 Brancott Estate Classic Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot 2012

Welcome to my new feature, The Weekly Winedown where each week I selflessly drink wine for you and give you a little review.
Please don’t expect anything professional, I consume a lot of wine but I’m no pro.

The only real ‘rule’ I’m putting in place is that the wine is to be under £8 a bottle. #keepitclassy.


When I was younger, like up to my 20s, I always thought people drinking wine would usually have ‘guests’ round and be indulging in intellectual conversation and maybe even a tasty meal yet here I am in a pair of leggings (that may or may not be old maternity leggings) an oversized t-shirt and misshapen cardigan.
Wine isn’t glamourous and intellectual, it’s inclusive!

So here we are, week two and this week I will be swigging tasting another red, Brancott Estate Classic Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2012. £10.49* from Ocado.

I don’t know how the 2012 one differs from any of the subsequent years, you’d think if they thought they were on to a good thing they’d just follow the same recipe? Unless they haven’t got it quite right just yet and they’re still practicing?


The Blurb 
“This wine is the perfect accompaniment to succulent lamb or beef based dishes or as a pairing with mature cheese.
Rich berry and dark fruit characters combine with subtle cedar and spicy oak complexity. 
Premium red wine from Marlbourgh, New Zealand – Perfect for dinner parties or everyday
Intense flavours of plum and cassis fruit with underlying coffee, chocolate and leather.
Fresh fruit flavours combine with savoury tannin and oak characters to provide a long warm finish and persistent fruit notes.
I normally wouldn’t choose this wine for two reasons
1) I don’t normally like New Zealand reds
2) I don’t like the label. I like a nice label, this looks a bit £3.99. But for you, dear reader, I’m removing all wine boundaries.


I’m never entirely sure what to expect when a wine claims to have a spicy bouquet or palate. In my head spicy either means curry or Christmas spices. As much as I love a good curry I don’t want my wine to smell of it. As for Christmas? I’d be over the moon if my wine smelt of Christmas!


The wine is really dark red, you know the colour they drink on a film or TV show and you just HAVE to have some red wine now. That colour red.
The whiff is a bit like swimming pools, I tried again, it smells like bitter fruit and swimming pools, strangely not as unpleasant as that sounds.
The taste is very thick, like almost chewy. I can’t get the coffee or the chocolate (or the good tastes as I like to call them) but I can get the cassis, totally tangy and I would suggest the leather is more on top than underlying. I am over the moon that this is the first time I’ve ever drank a wine and tasted a fruit that I’m meant to taste.
C’mon cassis!
The suggestion that it goes well with lamb, beef or mature cheese is probably a good one. It would go really well with a nice meal. However, I will be enjoying it with a Berlin Doner from I am Doner which will contain lamb and halloumi so I’m part way there. Besides, it says in the rules up there Perfect for dinner parties or everyday, today is everyday!
Incidentally, any one reading this in Leeds should REALLY try a kebab from I am Doner, they’re immense. Not a dirty kebab but one you can eat with pride when sober. Slow cooked meats, cheese and pickled veg. One could almost argue they’re healthy.
This evening the wine is complimenting feelings of happiness because Seth’s behaviour has improved a lot this week, thankfulness because life is just pretty good right now and joy because it’s a long weekend.
It would definitely go nicely with an episode of Pretty Little Liars but I don’t think Rory is up for that.
Name – Brancott Estate Classic Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2012
Price – £10.49 (or £7 at Sainsbury’s)
Colour – Burgandy.
Smell – Like fruity swimming pools
Taste – Super sexy, tangy fruits and deep flavours. Gives that warm chest thing like Aftershock.
Goes well with – A happy day and a posh kebab.
Overall score –  4/5 – I’d definitely get this again but only at 50% off. I’m a SAHM, not rich!
So that’s this weeks wine, I took a risk with the unpleasant label and the less favoured country of origin and was pleasantly surprised. Just shows you can’t judge a wine by it’s label.
I still will though.
*I know I put a sub £8 rule in place but it was 50% off so strictly speaking it comes in at well under £8. I am still undecided as to whether I’ve broken my own rules here, what do you think? Saying that, Sainsbury’s are selling it for £7 so technically you could go and buy it for under £8.


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