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Present buying with Wicked Uncle.

Sometimes a website comes along that makes me want to buy almost everything from it.
This year, for me, it’s Wicked Uncle.

Wicked Uncle promotes itself as
The home of brilliant children’s presents.
You know what? It’s not wrong.

Uncle Christmas and his team of elves will help you wade through the masses of amazing presents they offer to find the perfect gift.

Wicked Uncle is ideal for those times when you just don’t have a clue what to get your children.
When you want something a little different or when you want to live vicariously through them.
Yes, it’s a site is full of gifts you REALLY want for yourself or at the very least wish you’d had as a child.

From Night vision goggles to a DIY hydraulic arm.
Strawberry cheesecake popcorn to a candyfloss scented unicorn pillow.
There is something for everyone of all ages and something for all budgets too.

I really enjoyed having a good trawl through the site and found it really hard to choose something for the kids.
I kept seeing stuff that I wanted for me, and even now wish maybe I’d been more selfish.

Christmas is the time for giving though, so choose for them I did!

Through gritted teeth (fingers =?)

For Seth I chose the Alphabet Digger jigsaw puzzle. He loves diggers, he love the alphabet.
It’s a winning combination!

The wooden pieces are nice and chunky, perfect for small hands. Each piece is hand crafted and it really is good quality. The jigsaw also comes with it’s own little storage bag so it takes less space and they’re less likely to lose the pieces.

For Aoife I chose 5 Second Rule Jr. If you have looked through my blog you will have surely noticed that we love a game in this house. We especially love a game we can all play together.

5 Second Rule is just that, it’s a simple case of naming three things within 5 seconds. Three Superheroes or three things you dip into ketchup. All simple but all guaranteed to cause fall outs on Christmas day in our household.

Not only does Wicked Uncle offer some really great presents, the website it so easy to navigate.
From the home page you can filter by age, from baby to teens, or by category including brainiac, adventurer or creativity.

As I mentioned, this is really handy for those times when you are clueless as to what to buy.
It would be particularly useful for those who may not know what children like or are even capable of at certain ages. I’m thinking young, hip Aunties who aren’t sleep deprived and aren’t forced to endure toy adverts daily.

As if finding the perfect gift isn’t quite enough, Wicked Uncle will also gift wrap the present and write a card for you.

They’ve thought of everything.

Even a pre-written, pre-addressed thank you postcard for the recipient to send back.

You literally just have to find something amazing and pay for it. This could prove particularly useful when buying gifts for people who don’t live close by.

Given that my Christmas shopping is as yet incomplete and I also have a birthday present to buy in the next week or so, I have visited Wicked Uncle a few more times and will, no doubt,  buy myself some more presents.

I received these items in return for an honest review of the website. All opinions, as ever, are my own. 



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