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Decorating with Wall Murals

Decorating our house is like painting the Forth bridge, it feels like it’s never ending!

I’m looking at Seth’s room and thinking it could do with a bit of a touch up.
In all honesty, he drew on the wall about two days after I decorated it last time so it’s been needing doing since then!

At the minute, his room is blue with vehicle wall stickers, it’s cute and cosy but, with him having the smallest room, I’d like to make it more exciting for him so I’ve been looking at bigger wall stickers and murals.

There was a time when I would guffaw at the idea of a mural inside a house.

The idea always bought to mind Hilda Ogden’s scenic seascape in Coronation Street or some terribly drawn cartoon characters like you see on the travelling fairground rides.
You know the ones, where they don’t have permission to use the image so Mickey Mouse often takes on a more sinister pose…

These days, however, I’m a convert.

Unfortunately not quite converted enough to find the time or inclination to paint my own mural.

Luckily, ready made wall murals are increasingly easy to come by these days with specialist sites like Wallsauce offering hundreds, literally HUNDREDS of designs to choose from.
Heck, if you can’t find the design for you, it’s even possible to upload your own picture to create a completely unique mural.
Imagine, your face filling your living room wall! If that’s your kind of thing – no judgement here.

There is a huge selection of murals for childrens rooms, from Enchanted Forests to mountains, sharks to world maps and everything in between.

The Wallsauce murals are made to measure which is a great idea, if you have a smaller wall you don’t need to lose out on any of the image by cutting it down.
They are available as a ‘wallpaper’ (complete with paste) or peel & stick.
Although it’s slightly more expensive per square metre, I prefer the idea of peel & stick, it’s perfect for taking your mural with you if you move or are ideal if your landlord doesn’t want you to make more ‘permanent’ changes to the decor.

I absolutely love the dinosaur mural for Seth’s room, it’s nice and light and near as dammit matches his current bedding. It would also mean I only have to paint three walls…

As happens when I start thinking about decorating, I had a really good look through all the murals I’m pretty sure I could choose one for every room in my house. I’m not sure I can get Rory on board to waking up to a beach view in Leeds every morning – maybe if I remind him it’s cheaper than waking up at the actual beach every day…

Who wouldn’t want to wake to this every day?


This is a collaborative post, my face would look good on your wall though! 

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