Personalised Father’s Day gifts with Truprint

If you’re my Dad or my husband – close your eyes.
I’m going to put it out there, I feel Dads get a rough deal on Father’s Day.

This is one celebration where he really draws the short straw.
On Mother’s Day we’re bombarded with a million, amazing ways to show Mum we love her – chocolates, fine wine, a spa day, perfume, a meal out – we’re given an abundance of luxurious ideas on how to spoil Mum on her special day.

What are we told Dad wants?
A trip to a vintage car rally, beer, cuff links and socks if he’s lucky…Now while I’m sure every Dad thoroughly appreciates whatever he is given, it’s time to think past warm feet.

I really struggle to choose something for Rory.
He doesn’t drink much, he doesn’t like looking at old cars and he has more socks than any human could ever need.
The children have previously bought him nice, handmade, sentimental/twee things in the past and it just isn’t his thing.
There’s a reason I call him Tin Man.

This year Truprint are campaigning to make sure Dads up and down the country get a decent gift for Father’s Day. They’re urging folk to #SwapSocksForSelfies and I can totally get on board with that.

I mean, what Dad wouldn’t want a phone, mug, keyring or even cushion emblazoned with the faces of his little treasures on?
A heartless one is the answer.

And so, this year the children are going to choose their favourite photos of themselves and create photobooks for their Dad and Grandad. I’m not convinced that my Dad wouldn’t appreciate my face on a blanket but Aoife thinks otherwise…

The wesbite is straightforward and simple to use with the option of uploading images dierctly from your PC, Facebook, Google or Instagram accounts.
It really doesn’t take long to turn images of Dads favourite memories into a lovely keepsake for him.

Check out the Truprint website to see their latest offers and get your order placed by June 11th to ensure delivery for Father’s Day. They also offer personalised cards, it’s a one stop Father’s Day shop!

This review is in collaboration with Truprint, all opinions are my own. Personalised Father's Day gifts with Truprint #fathersday #fathersdaygift #personalisedgifts #personalisedfathersdaygifts #dads #dadsgifts #grandadgifts

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