Teens And Social Media: How Parents Can Guide Their Kids The Right Way

Social media or social networking sites (SNS) hold a great value in teens’ lives. A survey related to teens and social media users reported that nearly 90% of the teens have social media accounts. 45% of the participants accepted that they are online almost immediately, while roughly half of the participants said that they scroll through social media at least once daily.

Taking this data into consideration, it won’t be wrong to say that teens and social media are inseparable. The easy access to smartphones and the internet has made it effortless to create SNS profiles and indulge in the online community.

How Do Teens Spend Their Time On Social Media Platforms?

There are numerous ways in which youngsters spend their time on different platforms. They can use the platforms to stay connected with their loved ones, family, friends, or teachers. They can also unleash their creative side by creating reels, posting stories or videos, and expressing their thoughts. Or, they can simply scroll through the content posted by influencers.

What Are The Threats?

Know that social media use also comes with its own threats or risks, such as revealing private information, sextortion, internet solicitation, online harassment, and more. These threats can affect a child’s life in two ways- they can become the victim of these acts, or they can be wrongly accused.

That’s why it is important that parents guide their kids about the proper use of SNS to keep them protected. Continue reading to know-how!

Things Parents Can Do To Ensure Safe Use Of SNS

In this era, where kids can not stay away from social media, it becomes the responsibility of parents to teach their children the safe use of social networking sites to safeguard them from the threats mentioned above.

  • Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online

First thing first, you need to know what your kids are doing online. It includes learning about the platforms they have created their profile, what types of content they post or consume, and who are the people they connect with.

Kids who are new to SNS are often excited to connect with more people. While it helps improve their communication skills, it also poses the risk of online bullying or harassment. So, staying up-to-date with your kids’ online activity becomes crucial.

In addition to this, you should also consider setting up some ground rules for internet use. You can consider creating a social media agreement that includes rules. For instance, non-disclosure of personal information on SNS, no device use during dinner or family gatherings, and not posting anything embarrassing or vulgar on platforms.

  • Connect With An Attorney

You might be wondering what role an attorney plays in “teens using social media”? As mentioned above, threats of SNS use include sextortion, internet solicitation, bullying, and much more. You cannot deny the possibility of your kid getting involved in such cases or getting wrongly accused. Therefore, you need to get help from an attorney to safeguard your child’s interests. An attorney can understand the whole scenario and prepare a defense plan to protect your kid as well as their rights.

Apart from this, an attorney can also guide the kids about different types of online crimes and measures to stay protected. They can help collect evidence that supports the innocence of the defendant, eventually preserving your rights and freedom.

  • Become The “Cool” Parents

To stay connected with the kids, it is essential that you understand their language and provide them freedom. If that means becoming “Cool” with everything, you should try it. It will help you learn about your child, their needs, and behavior patterns.

Surprisingly, becoming cool parents is relatively easy. All you have to do is learn a few slang, give your kids privacy, and maybe learn new TikTok dances and create reels. In fact, creating and posting content for social media with your kids will help you keep an eye on their social media activities. It will also encourage them to discuss the ideas or thoughts they may have in mind regarding social networking sites. As a result, you’ll be able to create an environment where communication is effortless.

To Sum It All Up

Separating teens from social media is a challenging (perhaps nearly impossible) task to accomplish. Instead of that, you can guide them about the threats of SNS and stay by their side to protect them. If you face any challenges, you can consult an attorney who can provide information about the dangers, penalties, and measures to safeguard your rights.

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