4 Skills Every Mother Should Learn

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Becoming a mother is probably the most incredible journey that any person can undertake, but it is not without its challenges. There are some skills that any mother can learn, and which will be invaluable to pass on to your children.


So many of us are guilty of making the minimum possible effort when it comes to our food. Sometimes, after a long days’ work, it’s just so much easier to come home and have the microwave do all the hard work. All of us have our own comfort food this is usually something readily available, rather than a dish requiring a lot of work.

When it comes to your own children, however, you will want to make sure that they are eating properly and getting everything they need to maintain a balanced diet. Learning to cook yourself is the best way of being able to fine-tune your children’s diets, but let’s not kid ourselves, you will reap the rewards yourself!

Best of all though, you will be able to share these skills with your children. Teaching them to cook is a wonderful bonding experience, and this is the best reason to brush up on your own skills.


Baking deserves a special mention as it is a different skill to cooking, it also serves a different function. Learning to bake your bread, for example, can save you money in the long run, especially when you consider the quality of the bread. Bread is a staple food, and relatively easy to bake, so it’s a great recipe to teach your children. Obviously, there are also irresistible cakes and other treats that you can make.

As with cooking, teaching your children to bake is a wonderful experience.

First Aid

None of us want to think about our children coming to harm, yet it is in their interest, and ours, to prepare for such an eventuality. Learning even basic first aid will almost certainly come in handy. For most people, it will allow you to comfort your child more easily when they injure themselves. For others, however, it could end up being the difference between life and death. First aid training courses are readily available and usually don’t cost much.

If you have more than one child, teaching them all some basic first aid will allow them to care for one another if they become injured during play.


Coding is a very versatile skill, one that can be turned to any number of pursuits. Many people find applications for coding in their personal and professional lives once they understand how to do it, of course. If you are a new mom, looking for something you can do while nurturing your child through their first months, coding is a really worthwhile skill to learn.

It is inevitable that any new parent will feel that they aren’t fully equipped to be a parent. It is a huge responsibility, one that cannot really be fully prepared for. However, while most of it will come naturally to you, learning some extra skills with a view to teaching them to your children one day is very rewarding – and could help your career.

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