what to pack when going on a cruise holiday

What to Pack When Going on a Cruise Holiday

If you’re heading off on a cruise, it can be tough knowing exactly what to pack. As you’ll be heading to numerous destinations, as well as spending plenty of time on the ship, packing can prove to be extremely challenging.

If you’re struggling to pack for you and the kids, here you’ll discover some great tips to make it that little bit easier.

Know what NOT to pack when going on a cruise

Rather than jumping straight into the things you’ll want to pack, let’s look at the things you shouldn’t add to your suitcase. Some items you might want to pack which you either don’t need or won’t be accepted onto the ship include:

  • A travel kettle
  • A huge collection of books
  • A hairdryer
  • Bathrobe

Of course, it’s a good idea to double check that the cruise ship will offer these things. In regard to books, many ships actually have their own library so you won’t need to take your entire collection with you. Similarly, there’s likely to be plenty of toys to keep the kids entertained so you don’t need to worry about packing their toy box either.

Check the ship’s dress code

The dress code differs from ship to ship. Therefore, you’ll want to double check the dress code for the cruise liner you’ll be boarding. If you’ve booked through a company such as the Bolsover Cruise Club, you’ll typically receive key information, along with the ships dress code. If you haven’t, it’s worth contacting the cruise liner to double check that there aren’t any special dress code rules you’ll need to follow.

Most ships operate on a casual dress code basis, but if you’re thinking of heading out to dinner on the ship, there may be a more formal dress code to follow.

Consider the activities you’ll be partaking in

When packing your family’s clothes for the cruise, it’s a good idea to think about the activities you’ll be partaking in. This includes both on the ship and on any excursions you may be going on.

If you and the kids plan on taking part in water sports activities, for example, you’ll need to pack swimming costumes, goggles, a beach bag, sun hats, and potentially extra towels if they aren’t provided by the cruise ship. Aim to take a range of different clothing to suit all weathers for you and the kids.

Overall, packing for a cruise doesn’t need to be challenging. The tips above will help you to ensure you’re packing the right things. Remember, when it comes to packing for a cruise, less is definitely more. You’ll likely find a lot of the things you plan on packing are actually included on the cruise ship. So, it’s always best to check what will be supplied for you before packing your bags.

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