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6 Budget-Friendly Ways To Get That Professional Spa Experience At Home

According to statistics, the sales of hot tubs has exploded over the last year by a massive 385% on average. Apparently, in Newcastle, the sales of hot tubs had increased by a huge 600% alone. Everybody wants that spa luxury feeling at home, but you can get it without having to pay for a hot tub (or moving to Newcastle!).

You can get that beautiful, serene, luxurious spa feeling right in your home on a budget, or for very low-end renovation costs. With a higher brand spa costing around £100 for day access, if you go regularly, you could be saving yourself a lot of money for minor upfront costs creating your at-home spa.

Would you like some inspiration to get you started? Take a look at these six tips for creating a beautiful at-home spa experience on a budget:

1. Get Your Spa Music Sorted

In any spa you visit, the music you find relaxing is beyond your choice. When you are at home, you get to choose the tunes that relax you. So if rock opera is what helps you forget about the stresses of the day, or the demonic grunts of Slipknot are what you need to get into relaxation mode, you can get that at home. It is worth setting up a good speaker system in your spa area because music is proven to be therapeutic. According to studies it has the power to:


  • Reduce stress
  • Improve the immune system
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Lower heart rate
  • Enhance emotional wellbeing

2. Link Scent To Relaxation

One of the major ‘layers’ a professional spa adds to its experience is the scent. There is always a beautiful smell in a spa and different scents in different experience rooms. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the top scents to help you relax are:


  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Valerian
  • Jasmine


A simple steam diffuser in your bathroom (one suitable for that environment) is a great idea to add to the spa feel for very little.

3. Invest In The Most Important Part Of Your Bathroom

In terms of practicality, usually, the most important part of the bathroom is the shower or bath. In terms of an at-home spa, the bath or shower are really important. You can make minor updates like adding a rainforest shower head for less than £100 pounds. Add even more luxury with a new shower with steam function. Or if you are due an update anyway, maybe look towards affordable luxury with a stunning steel bath or underfloor heating. It might seem a little bit of indulgence but if you spend a lot of time in your bathroom de-stressing, then it will definitely pay off long term.

4. Add A Luxurious Feel

Textures are a big part of the luxurious aspect of a spa. In particular, fluffy towels and soft and snuggly blankets for snoozing areas. For the price of a big, thick, soft dressing gown and some gorgeous towels, maybe even a thick soft floor mat for when you get out of the shower too, you could feel a lot more wrapped in luxury in your own home.

5. Make It An Event

Going for a spa day is an ‘event’ isn’t it? You get excited about a whole day you have allowed yourself for pure indulgence and ‘switching off’. If you are going to recreate that at home, you need to make it an event for yourself. Add a bath bomb for a visual interest, pour a glass of expensive bubbly for yourself, indulge in that pricey charcoal face mask. Most importantly, switch off your phone and dedicate yourself to truly relaxing, so you feel as cocooned as you do at a real spa where you wouldn’t dream of carrying your phone around with you.

6. Allow Yourself Time To Enjoy It

Over a third of people in the UK are stressed at least one day a week. With personal and professional life pressures, more and more of us are pushing our time to the limit and never switching off. Burning the candle at both ends can result in bad moods, sleep deprivation, a lack of productivity and low energy. Hopefully, by creating a beautiful spa environment at home you will feel inclined to use the space but, if you don’t, it is important to schedule time to switch off and enjoy the relaxing area you have cultured within your home. Even if you do just have a 30-minute steam shower or, a half an hour soak in your bath with a colourful bath bomb, it is enabling you to switch off and recharge that battery.

It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax. – Moises Arias

Your at-home spa can be as luxurious or as simple as you need it to be, and you really don’t need to spend much at all. Just make sure you consider all the senses for an all-round spa experience because the details are the key things that get you returning to the most expensive spas in the country for that unique experience that leaves you feeling amazing. You can get that same feeling at home, you just have to take the time to make it the quality spa experience you deserve.

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