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Super Ski Jump by Drumond Park – Review & Giveaway

We’ve all watched Channel 4’s ‘The Jump’ – you know, the show where they send some D-list celebrities to Austria to do some Winter Olympic style activities then decide who’s going home by making the worst two contenders jump off of a massive ski jump. 

Every series of the show results in someone you’ve barely heard of breaking something that sounds quite painful.
It’s all jolly good fun.

Well, good news folks – you too can play Super Ski Jump. Thanks to Drumond Park there is little risk of frost bite and broken bones.

What’s in the Super Ski Jump box?

  • Take off ramp
  • Landing ramp
  • Snowboard
  • A pair of skis
  • Bath tub
  • Sledge
  • 4 figures
  • Stickers
  • Score cards
  • Distance chart
  • Instructions

How to play Super Ski Jump

The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by sending your skier down the super ski ramp, performing some tricks and, hopefully, cracking the perfect landing.

Simple right?

As with many table top games, the initial set up of Super Ski Jump takes some time -20 minutes in fact – there are lots of bits and stickers to stick on.
Once that’s done you’re good to go.

The game is played over three rounds, with each player taking it in turns to jump once per round. Each player chooses their character and mode of transport (bath, sledge, snowboard or skis) and the youngest player goes first.

After setting the ramp to the desired height, placing the character at the top of the ramp it’s time to fly. Send your character down the ramp then, and this is where practice will eventually lead to perfect, press the lever to raise the lower part of the ramp at the correct time to send your character soaring.

Count the flips, note the landing and record your points (the points system is included in the instructions)- play then moves on to the next player.

This process is repeated for the whole three rounds with the winner being the player with the highest score. In even of a tie there is a ‘Jump Off’ with a single jump determining who will win.

It’s probably safe to say that Aoife played with the most determination of us all and I have no doubt that she will be sneaking this up to her room to get some practice in for next time we play!

Super Ski Jump is a game for 2-4 players with a recommend age of 8+ though Seth (4) really enjoyed playing too. Obviously, younger players can take part but will probably put less hours and effort into practising the jumps like the adults older children.  It is a game that’s suitable for all and a lot of fun to play.

Super Ski Jump has an RRP of £19.99. For more information and stockists visit

Win your own Super Ski Jump

In getting in the festive spirit, Drumond Park have kindly said that one lucky reader will be able to win their own copy of Super Ski Jump in time for Christmas. It would make a perfect gift or give you the chance to ski as a family without having to leave the warmth of your house!

Just enter below – don’t forget to check out my other competition here.

Super Ski Jump Giveaway

We received Super Ski Jump in return for an honest review of the game. 

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