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Looking After Gardens

I love my garden

I would be a keen gardener if I had the time (and patience).

I love planting things and watching them grow. I enjoy growing my own fruit and vegetables and eating the fruits of my labour. I think it’s important to children to understand the importance of gardening too. To know where their food comes from.

When children plant a seed and watch that seed grow they have a better understanding of the world around them. I know my son loves to plant the seeds from his apples and we have several little apple trees waiting to be transplanted!

My previous house had a low maintenance garden

It was just a case of weeding every so often, mowing and pruning bushes. It was planted by the previous occupants and it was lovely but the bushes too up a lot of space.

There is a lot to be said for a low maintenance garden but they take time to achieve that. The bushes have to mature and so on.

Looking After Gardens

The garden at my current house is also fairly low maintenance.

It has a lot of pea shingle – which I am not keen on. But it does mean that I have a lot of tubs.

The beauty of tubs is that the plants are contained. They are also mobile, which means you can move them around to suit your needs.

Different plants like a different setting in the garden. Some like full sun, some like partial shade so planting in pots means that you can keep your plants happy!

It also means that if you move you can take your plants with you. I have fuchsias that have moved three or four times over the years. I love them they add so much colour in the summer.

Looking After Gardens Fuchsia

Keeping on top of the gardening isn’t always easy though.

Working full time, being a parent or being older or ill can all take it’s toll on your garden. Sometimes you need a little extra help, which can be found at

It’s great to know you can book a gardener for a one off tidy up or on a regular basis. It also means you can continue to enjoy your garden in your spare time. Relaxing in it rather than working it it!

I really think that gardens are good for the soul but it needn’t be a hardship to keep it maintained.

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