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Thames & Kosmos Science Kit

 This Easter we have made cakes, built a den, painted our nails and tidied the bedroom.

Unfortunately that was all my Easter fun exhausted in one day, luckily the nice people from Thames & Kosmos sent us a couple of science kits to keep us entertained.

I am a big fan of STEM games, they’re a fun, engaging way to drag the children away from the TV and encourage them to be hands on. I also like that the kids are learning as they play – STEM toys are the educational equivalent of sneaking vegetables into paste sauce, I am sneaking knowledge into their brains.

There are a eight kits in the new Thames and Kosmos MBE science kit range – covering crystals, planets, minerals, Prehistoric Sea Dogs and much more. There is something for everyone!

We were sent the Bouncing Planets to review.

Thames and Kosmos Bouncing Planets

The Bouncing Planets were quick and simple to make, they were also pretty much mess free which is a bonus.

To create your planet, simply pour different coloured crystal granules into the spherical mould, dunk them in water for a few minutes et voila – you have successfully created your own tiny, bouncy group of planets.

We all really liked this kit, it is simple to make the planets and the planets really are ready within minutes – there’s nothing worse than having to wait if you’re a child apparently!

Although the MBE science kits are marketed at ages 8+, Seth (who is 5) had no problem taking part in this experiment.

I particularly liked that everything needed for the experiment came in the box, so many times we’ve bought experiment kits only to discover we need to buy a whole lot of extra, obscure ‘ingredients’ to be able to make anything.

There are also plenty of crystals so we ended up making five bouncing planets in total. The instructions do mention that the balls will lose their bounce in a couple of days. This isn’t a problem with my two as they’ll happily launch them instead…they are planets after all!

Thames & Kosmos Science Kits

These kits are great for the holidays, the perfect way to get your kids engaged in something away from the screen. They are also small enough to pop in their suitcase if you’re sending them to Grandma’s or somewhere for a few days.

With a RRP of £8.99 they are also very reasonably priced.

You can view the whole range of science kits on the Thames & Kosmos website, you can also be in with a chance to win your own science kit by heading over to my Facebook page.

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Good Luck!



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