5 Must Have Garden Accessories for a Family Garden!

This is a collborative post. 

Family gardens are not only a safe area for our children to play but for our pets to roam and us to kick back and relax in the summer sun. We can’t wait for summer, so much so we’re looking at this years must have garden accessories. From sprucing up the lawn with fake grass to doing our bit for nature with bird feeders, there’s loads of accessories available to give your garden the makeover it deserves.

Fake grass

We love fake grass. It provides the perfect landing for those little trips and falls; cushioning the ground to eliminate the risk of any nasty accidents. No more muddy footprints ran across the kitchen floors either. Fake grass means you don’t need to worry about surface water as it simply drains away through the filter holes. Child and pet friendly, it’s perfect for family homes or for those who haven’t got time for gardening. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either – there’s a range for every budget. Many places will let you order your free samples so you can determine which will work best for you.


This years’ must have garden accessory has to be the hanging nest chair. Not only does it look fantastic, the cushioned seating provides the ultimate comfort to relax and catch some rays. For a more ‘holiday’ feel in your own back garden, why not try a hammock? Perfect for whiling away a day in your own tropical paradise (garden) with a G&T in hand.  Guaranteed to enhance any garden, your holiday vibe will have the neighbours talking.


Keeping a touch of nature in your garden is important. Planters are a beautiful addition to add some colour to your garden whilst playing our part in the oxygen supply. Bedding plants can range from pansies to lavender and geraniums but what they all ensure is an array of vibrant colours to return year after year. Perfect to get the children involved in gardening, why not get them helping out by planting their own seeds and watching them grow.


Solar lights are the perfect addition to any garden; highlighting walkways or as a purely decorative enhancement. They look amazing twinkling away on a cool summer night or reflecting against the snow in the frosty seasons. Powered purely by sunlight, not only do they look great but they’re cost efficient too!

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are fantastic for attracting local birds into your garden; from blue tits to robins you’ll have the whole crowd over. Help teach your children about wildlife and encourage them to feed the birds by hanging out feeders on your line. If you’re confident in DIY, why not create a bird’s house – get the arts and crafts box out and turn the decoration into a fun family activity for all enjoy.


  • Amy

    Hi Annie. I love the idea of installing fake grass, because I’m not much for doing yard work. I also love bird feeders. They are a great addition to any garden and support local wildlife. I would also recommend native plants to support local pollinators.

  • Layla

    I likewise adore winged creature feeders. They are an awesome expansion to any garden and bolster neighborhood natural life. I would likewise prescribe local plants to help neighborhood pollinators.

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