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Family Ski Trips to Austria: What to know before you go

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I was going through some older posts on the blog recently and came across this little ditty  about planning a ski holiday in Switzerland. It got me wondering about whether or not it would be a good idea to plan a ski holiday this year, and so I did some research online.

Well, didn’t I underestimate just how many different kinds of ski holidays there are out there for families thinking of taking a winter break around the school holidays! There is one part of the world thought that kept cropping up on sites time and time again for family ski holidays that seems to be the ticket and seeing as its where the Von Trapps come from, it only made sense that Austria would be a prime ski destination.

Family Ski in Austria Vienna Skyline

If you’re thinking of jetting off to ski in Austria this year, or anywhere around the Alps for that matter, I’ve got a few pointers that should help you pick the best destination possible for your family. And it all starts with knowing how to get there.

In Austria, families are spoiled for choice

I love bagging a holiday bargain as much as the next person, but when it comes to ski holidays, you shouldn’t skimp on essentials or buy every part of the holiday from a different site. Do your research and look for a travel provider that do dedicated ski holiday packages to Austria.

You’ll need to look for a family holiday that includes most of, if not all, of these:

  • Ski lift passes – you can’t just hop on a lift for free
  • Ski equipment hire – no need to buy a helmet when the resort an give you one
  • Ski school lessons for all ages – mums and dads need to learn how to ski too
  • Direct transfers from the airport – more on that below
  • All-inclusive food options – ditch packing ham sandwiches when the resort will look after all your meals

Also, read up on the areas of Austria that are known for skiing. St Anton is good for families as is Soll and Ellmau.

In Austria, you’re going through the mountains

A big thing to know out the gate that’s really important: going on a ski holiday isn’t like a family summer holiday when it comes to resort transfers. While it is common now to get direct flights from the UK (they only take about 90 minutes), you can’t just hop in a taxi and ask the driver to whisk you off to your resort. With ski chalets being up in the middle of mountains, you need to book a holiday that comes with resort transfer on a comfy coach included.

Typically it takes 2-3 hours to get from an airport in the Alps to a fancy resort, so make sure the kid’s tablets are preloaded and have enough battery.

Family Ski in Austria Snow boarding

In Austria, your family will love the food

Oh, a little bit of après-ski is arguably more exciting than hitting the slopes, and Austrians really know how to dish it out when it comes to snacks and food at ski resorts. There is A LOT of cheese involved with dishes, as well as cakes and pastries.

Again, if you book a whole package then you’re assured that kids will get food they like rather than a local delicacy they’ll not even touch.

Family Ski in Austria Crepes

In Austria, you’ll need sunscreen

Just because it’s chilly out there doesn’t mean it won’t be sunny. If you have checked bags for a trip, throw in a bottle with at least SPF 30, so everyone can get their faces covered in the morning. The sun gets very intense around lunchtime, and you don’t want anyone coming back from lessons with a burned nose or sun blisters.

In Austria, you’re snow sure

This last tip is very important and something to look out for if you’re thinking of going on a family ski trip at either end of the ski season (late Autumn or early Spring). You’ll want to check that your resort offers snow-sure conditions.

It simply means that the resort will have slopes that are entirely covered in snow and not patchy. The last thing you want from a ski holiday is going to a resort without much snow.

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