Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

This post includes items sent to me for purpose of inclusion.

Mother’s Day is on it’s way, if it’s something you celebrate it also brings with it the struggle of finding the perfect gift.

Obviously, every Mum is different and no gift guide is going to suit everyone’s needs so I created Mother’s Day gift guide based on things I’d like to receive for Mother’s Day, or any day for that matter. Hopefully it will inspire you too!

Perfect Personalised Gifts.

Let’s face it, in the past personalised gifts have often been really thoughtful but mostly useless. Luckily these days you can get some very thoughtful, lovely and useful things personalised. From photo frames, cushions, jewellery, key rings, bags and evening gardening tools The Personalised Gift Shop has a vast range with something for virtually every Mum out there. Now, as this is a Mother’s Day round up it would have made sense to let the kids choose me something but they and I have quite different tastes. Aoife no doubt would have chosen me a wine or gin glass which is both useful and very ‘me’ but I had other ideas so we compromised. I chose my gift (this gorgeous modern-vintage large faced watch) and Aoife chose the personalisation. With 49 characters/5 lines for the message she chose Best Mummy Ever – Love Aoife & Seth xx

Concise and accurate.

Mother's Day Gift Guide The Personalised Gift Shop

Not only do The Personalised Gift Shop offer a LOT of gift ideas but there is something for every budget which is great, especially if the kids want to use their pocket money to buy Mum or Grandma a present, delivery is also a very reasonable 2-3 days so you’ve plenty of time to chose something and get it sent.

Havaianas Flip Flops

My year is always split firmly into two sections -planning for Christmas and planning for a holiday.

As we sit here amidst the howling wind and torrential rain, my mind is firmly set a few hundred miles away in the sunshine. I am looking at places to visit and getting excited at the prospect of soaking up some summer sun. A holiday related gift is a sure to help inspire me. Iconic Brazilian flip flop brand Havaianas offer a wide range of styles suitable for everyone. Whether you prefer an animal print or glitter, a sandal or a flip flop, Havaianas have something for every summer outfit. They make the perfect gift and help get Mum (me) feeling holiday excited!

Mother's Day Gift Guide Havaianas

Rosarts Wall Prints

If you follow my Instagram (if not why not?) you will know I’ve mentioned one woman operation Rosarts a few times. Ar is an amazingly talented artist, designer and writer who’s created a vast catalogue of largely black and white prints including people, animals, nature and text. I am particularly fond of her newer images featuring women and her inspirational quotes “OMG No one cares”. There really is a lot of variety in her work and you’re sure to find a print your Mum will absolutely love. Being a woman of many talents, Ar also offers logo and website design and everything on the site is very well priced.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Rosarts

Tesalate Towel

Picture the scene, you’re sat on your carefully placed towel soaking up the sun watching the children frolic in the sea. They come running toward you with big grins on their faces, your smile quickly changes to panic when you realise the wet, sandy small human heading toward you has no intention of stopping and runs onto your towel leaving wet sandy footprints before running back to the sea. Your moment of serenity has passed and you spend the rest of the beach visit trying to straighten your towel and remove the wet sand.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Tesalate

Australian company Tesalate save the day with their game changing towels. Made from AbsorbLite™ fabric they not only repel sand but dry quicker than regular towels meaning a quick waft and all the sand has gone. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, these towels are also perfect for trips to the pool, yoga and picnics. Being lightweight and compact also means they won’t take valuable space and weight in your luggage. While I’m impressed at the lack of sand in my beach bag the biggest selling point of Tesalate towels for me is the ‘Towel for Two’ – every Mum needs a huge towel so she can sit one side while the soggy kids can sit the other. Perfect.

Whittard Tea

“If you are cold, tea will warm you;
if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.”

Mother's Day Gift Guide Wittard

Tea, that great British institution that fixes everything, there is nothing a nice cup of tea can’t resolve. Obviously, Yorkshire Tea is the king of teas but sometimes you want something a little special. Wittards of Chelsea have created  Tea Discoveries Treasured Blends gift set featuring six of their best loved loose leaf teas. With English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Rose, Mango and Bergamot, Piccadilly Blend and Jasmine this gift set would please any tea lover.

Quick After-Work Cookbook

This one is a bit of a reminisce and is definitely one for my Mum. Growing up, there was always a copy of a Dairy Diary in the kitchen, if you weren’t lucky enough to grow up in the 80s let me explain. Dairy Diary was a very useful diary that also had recipes in it. Not only could you keep your life in order but you could choose what to make for dinner at the same time – GENIUS. That’s the level of multi-tasking I aspire to. When the Quick After-Work recipe book arrived I was surprisingly happy to discover that Dairy Diary still existed and my Mum was suitably impressed with the cookbook full of recipes that can be created in under 30 minutes. The best thing about it is, you don’t actually have to go to work to be able to use it.

Mother's Day Dairy Diary

So Bomb Crystal Geode Factory

Yes, I know it’s for kids but bear with me. The So Bomb Crystal Geode Factory is the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving. I need you to think outside the box here…

  • The Crystal Geode Factory offers you the gift of time – your children can potter off and create you some wonderful sparkly bath bombs while you enjoy a cup of coffee and binge watch your favourite box set on Netflix. You don’t want to ruin the surprise by being in the same room when they make your gift!
  • Your lovingly made bath bomb gives you permission to head to the bathroom with a large glass of wine and a good book to enjoy an indulgent soak and bit of peace and quiet. Show me one Mum who doesn’t want that!

The So Bomb Crystal Geode Factory comes with everything your little one will need to create ten, beautiful, sparkly bath bombs which could potentially mean ten, peaceful baths for you!

See – it’s the perfect gift and is available exclusively at Smyths. You are so welcome.



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