How to Properly Remove Trees for Sydney Residents

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Just like any other city in Australia, Sydney has four distinct seasons. But overall, Sydney has a temperate, subtropical climate, which means that it may get very humid during the summer months. Because of this, Sydney residents love their trees, and most Sydney homes have a tree or two planted in their yards. 

Sydney homeowners will try to keep their trees at all costs since they know the benefits of having trees within their yards. However, there may be times when home owners will have to remove one or more of their trees from their yards and get the help of a company providing services like tree removal in Sydney. Whatever the reason may be, residents must first be aware of the proper legal procedures that come with tree removal in Sydney.

 Get Permission First

Sydney is serious about protecting its trees. Homeowners who want to prune or remove any type or species of tree from their yards must first apply for a permit from the Sydney City Office. Sydney officials closely monitor tree species that fall under the heritage tree list and the removal of these trees will only be permitted if they fall under the following conditions:


  • Dead Trees. A tree that has already died will eventually lose the structural integrity of its trunk and branches and will only be a potential hazard if not removed immediately. The death of a tree is a valid exception for permissible tree removal.
  • Dying Trees. A tree under the heritage list that got stricken with a disease that can spread to neighbouring trees must be removed and disposed of immediately to contain the spread of the disease. 
  • Trees with Imminent Dangers. Uprooted trees due to typhoons or trees with significant breaks and damages assessed as being hazardous to neighbouring structures or residents need to be removed immediately by professionals who offer services like tree removal in Sydney


When you are planning to get permission to get rid of an unwanted tree in your backyard, you must strictly adhere to the provisions set aside by the City of Sydney. Even if the conditions fall under the permissible exemptions, you must still provide the city with proof that may include the following. 


  • A detailed description of the tree’s condition led to the request for its removal. This description must include corresponding photographs. 
  • The assessment of the imminent danger that the tree possesses. A qualified tree specialist or arborist with at least a level 3 certification in Arboriculture must do this assessment. 
  •  A report detailing the actions taken to correct the tree damages and assessment for removal is necessary.


After the filing of all documentary requirements, the City of Sydney will then give you an approval or denial for your tree removal request. However, if your petition for tree removal gets denied, you can still appeal the decision through Sydney’s Land and Environment Court within three months. 

If and when your tree removal request is approved, the City of Sydney may give you specific conditions to follow during the removal process. The first and foremost condition is that qualified professionals must do the removal with at least a level 3 Arboriculture certification. 

Sydney imposes strict penalties for pruning and removing trees without a permit, so it is best to hire tree removal experts when you are planning to get rid of some trees in your yard to avoid fines and penalties.


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