How to write better web content for your home business

How to create better web content for your home business

A home business is usually a labour of love. You’ve reached a point in your experience with a hobby or interest where you genuinely feel that you could go into business and turn a profit doing something that you enjoy. Either that, or you’ve hit upon an idea to exploit a gap in the market and your excitement stems from the challenge. Whatever the origins of your home business, you’re going to need a website. And if you think any old website will do, you’re in for a rude awakening in the form of low traffic and rock bottom sales figures. You see, if people can’t find you when they’re looking for goods or services that fall into your realm of expertise, they’re going to go with the competition instead. That’s why today we’re going to look at two top tips for writing better web content for your home business.

Relevancy isn’t just about keywords

We’re going to presume that your website is either in the process of being built or is already up and running. That means your research has probably already highlighted the importance of keywords (any page selling hotcakes isn’t likely to garner many hits on Google if all your keywords on your hotcakes page talk more about your dog than your bakery). Sometimes, even if you did all of your research and you think your content is exceptionally on the nose, you may not rank well in Google. This is where a little “SEO” experience comes in handy. Check out your competition. Look at what kinds of pages rank well. This isn’t Google being picky. This is Google promoting the sites that get the highest number of visits with the longest “dwell” times of customers on page. However, don’t steal any content, as this will be catastrophic to your ranking (always check your work – try Scribbr’s plagiarism tool). 

Content usually falls into one of four major categories: category page, product page, blog posts, or landing pages. Scrutinise what is performing well for your competition, and take note. 

Content format is also a major player

You wouldn’t walk into a clothing store blindfolded and expect everything you pick up to be the exact pair of jeans you wanted. Some items might be shirts, or some socks, for example. And even if you do find jeans, they might not be the right size. Content formats are equally as diverse. Analyse what performs well for your competitors and adopt a similar strategy. Content formats may include ‘how-to’ guides, unboxing videos, opinion pieces,  ‘top ten’ style blogs, or product reviews. Just be sure that whatever content format you choose, it works for the product or service you are trying to promote.

Utilising these two tips will set you on your way to create the perfect, attractive to Google, website or blog for your home business.


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