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5 Efficient Ways to Pack for a Family Vacation

Family vacations are a great time to rest and bond with your family. The thought of it can be exciting but at the same time, packing for it can leave you feeling stressed even before you fold one article of clothing. There’s always the dilemma of not wanting to miss out on anything yet aiming to pack light. To that effect, here are 5 tips to make packing for a family vacation less stressful and efficient.

Make a List

The first step when packing for a trip is to make a list of all the things you’ll possibly need. To really get in the right headspace, you can check online for travelling checklists or create one yourself. Highlight items that need to be packed at the last minute and if possible, stick them on your suitcase. You can even make this a fun activity by involving the kids.

Pack Clothes By Day

Have you ever taken your time to pack for a trip, only to realize on your arrival that the pair of shoes you had intended to wear on Monday did not make it into your bags? It happens, but if you want to get ahead of this, try packing by day instead of doing it by person. 


Consider the number of days you intend to spend at your travel destination as well as the activities you have planned out, then select your items around them. This ensures that everyone’s outfit for each day is securely packed and nothing is left out or missed.

Use Packing Cubes

When packing by day, using packing cubes to separate the items is highly efficient. This will not only make your suitcase more organised, but it will help keep it that way as there will be no need to dig through a bunch of items to find the shirt or skirt you are looking for. If you can manage it, carry a spare packing cube for dirty clothes. But once the trip is over, remember to launder it.

Keep Medications in your Carry On Bag

Clothes and toiletries are not the only things you should pack. Include prescribed medications in there too. You can equally carry over the counter medication in case of emergencies. If your travel destination opens up a whole new world of food, weather conditions, etc, your body may react. 

If you are not conscious of what you’re consuming, some foods can cause bloating and diarrhoea. In cases like this, over the counter medication can go a long way. Keep them in your carry on luggage so it is easy to access.

You Do Not Have to Pack Everything

There are some items that do not have to be packed, such as, tissue papers and toothbrushes – well, except you need a special brand. Write up the things that can easily be acquired at your travel destination and leave them out of your suitcase. This will not only create more space in your bag but also allow you to focus on other important items.

Travelling is a fun way to explore the world so don’t forget to take a camera with you to capture all the beautiful scenery and fun experiences you have with your family. Bon Voyage!


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