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How to Look After Wood Floor.

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Children are a great idea, fabulous in fact, but they aren’t conducive to having a tidy house. On occasion they can make us wonder if we’ll ever be able to have anything nice again. If you own a wood floor, you are probably already used to chasing the kids around with a cloth and despairing every time they get the trike out to lap the living room. Never fear, whether you’re looking to buy a new floor or look after the one you already own here are a few tips for looking after your wood floor. 

Oil Or Lacquer Your Floor

Oils and lacquers stop liquid seeping into the wood and make spills easier to clean up – a must when if you have children (or clumsy adults). If you are looking for a more natural finish then oil would be the best choice as it seeps into the wood. Lacquer sits on the surface creating a protective layer and can result in a more glossy finish. Whatever your preference, there are a large variety of colours and finishes to suit your decor and hide the stains and, with a bit of effort, you can change the look as you desire. 

Sanding and Refinishing

No matter how hard you try, time will take it’s toll on wood floor and eventually it will succumb to scratches, scuffs and stains. This isn’t the end of the world, just grab your sander and a free weekend and get to work. Wood floor can be sanded down multiple times so any damage can be removed through sanding and refinishing afterwards. As previously mentioned, you can finish the floor with a lacquer or oil and it will look as good as new.  

Keep it safe! 

It’s not all about avoiding damage to your beautiful floor, if you have a wood floor you need to be sure to avoid damage to your children too. They can be slippy and a little dangerous, we’ve had first hand experience with Seth sprinting in the living room, tripping and smacking his head on the corner of the table. It wasn’t our best day! Ideally floors should be as slip resistant as possible, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, so avoid anything with a glossy finish.  Also be sure to use rug slips and non-slip furniture pads under anything that might slide on the floor when your child stands or throws themselves at it. They are inexpensive and can help prevent a trip to A&E! 

So there you go, if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful real wood floor and children, there are just a few tips for helping them live in harmony with one another! 

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