Four reasons to be lose weight.

How are you?

It’s a big question with many answers, but when it comes to your health, it’s the only question you should ever ask yourself. How are you feeling about yourself? Do you notice any lethargy, pain, aches, depression? All of these things can affect your physical body, but it’s also going to affect you mentally. If you are currently teetering on the edge of being overweight you’re going to feel it. There is no shame in having any extra weight on your body; especially if it isn’t affecting your health mentally, emotionally or otherwise.

Being overweight is only ever a negative if YOU feel that it is. If YOU don’t feel comfortable in your skin, you need to be able to have the motivation to make the right changes within yourself to get your body feeling good again. Sometimes, this resorts in extreme measures like a Gastric Bypass Surgery. Thinness doesn’t equal happiness, and you shouldnt be aiming for “thin”, you should be aiming for health. For some people, this means losing around ten pounds to feel that little more energetic. No matter what, though, you need to know why you want to lose it in the first place. So, with that in mind, we’ve got four reasons that you should choose to lose weight.

Feeling Comfortable.

It’s the first thing most people think about when it comes to weight loss. They want to be able to feel comfortable when they sit down and not as if their skin is rubbing. They want to walk without the famed chub rub and they want to be able to wear their clothes comfortably. Your comfort is key and if it takes a few pounds to feel that comfort, you deserve to go for it. You should feel energetic and able to move without discomfort, and weight loss could do that for you.


Are you trying for a baby? Anyone can have a baby at any size; your body is a miracle. Some people feel, however, that the best reason to lose weight is to carry a pregnancy comfortably to term. The higher your weight, the higher risk you could be for conditions like high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. Extremely high weights may also lead to infertility, leaving the question of children off the table entirely.

Quality of life.

You deserv to ride the rollercoasters, play on the beach and play with your kids without feeling discomfort, uncomfortably out of breath and your heart pounding in your ears. You can improve your quality of life when you are observing the right precautions with your weight. You want to live a normal life without feeling like you have to make yourself smaller around other people – and you deserve that.

Better confidence.

From sex with a partner to simply walking down the street, we all should get to feel confident and happy in our everyday activities. You are at your best when your self-esteem is looked after. You want to lose weight and look good – and that’s fine if it’s something you’re going to do for you. Do it for your confidence – you won’t regret it!



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