Living with Diabetes: Why Managing Your Stress Is Important.

Let’s face it— we all get stressed. From work to school to even at home, stress will always be a part of our lives.

If you find yourself diagnosed with a health condition like diabetes, your stress levels may go up! Managing your stress can help you manage your condition.  Here’s how. 

Diabetes and Stress: What’s the connection?

Stress is natural— it’s your body’s response to challenging situations. However, when you’re frequently stressed, it’ll definitely have detrimental effects on your health, particularly if you have diabetes.

But, what’s the connection?

  • Blood sugar spikes. When you’re stressed, your body releases glucose into your bloodstream which can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. And stable blood glucose levels are essential if you have diabetes!
  • Lifestyle changes. We look for coping mechanisms when we’re stressed. You may skip meals, eat, or even overindulge in sugars! However, these unhealthy coping mechanisms will disrupt your diabetes management, and may even worsen your condition!
  • Insulin resistance. Did you know that chronic stress may result in insulin resistance? This means your cells become less responsive to insulin, making it harder for your body to efficiently use glucose for energy.
  • Adherence to medication. Stress doesn’t only lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms, but it can also affect your commitment to your treatment! When you’re stressed, you often end up neglecting basic tasks, including taking your medicine and going to the doctor! 

Smart Strategies to Managing Stress Effectively

Now that you know how stress affects your life when you have diabetes, you might be wondering how you can cope with it. After all, stress management is one of the essential skills we need to have!

Here are some smart strategies on how you can manage stress effectively.

Exercise regularly

Exercise does more than getting your body back in shape. Your body releases endorphins when you’re exercising, which naturally lifts your mood. Plus, exercise can improve insulin sensitivity, helping you stabilise your blood sugar levels!

So, why not regularly exercise to manage your stress? Whether it’s brisk walking, cycling, or strength training, you’ll see how exercise can improve your stress management!

Take a deep breath and meditate

You’ve probably heard it before, but mindfulness can help you manage your stress effectively!

When you meditate and even do deep breathing exercises, you can calm your mind, reducing your stress. These can help you relax, so why don’t you include these activities to your daily routine?

Have adequate sleep

If you’re aiming for a healthy well-being, then sleep is essential! It’s because sleep allows your cells and body to regenerate, allowing you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you wake up!

Not only that, but adequate sleep can also help your body recover from your daily stressors. So, why not take the chance and sleep at least 7 hours everyday?

Professionals are your friends

You can’t deny that dealing with stress is challenging. Apart from unhealthy coping mechanisms, your diet, treatment, and overall well-being becomes affected negatively. So, if your stress becomes overwhelming for you, it’s best that you seek professional help!

You shouldn’t be afraid to take your stress management into a professional’s hands. After all, they can help you establish healthy coping mechanisms that can help you get your life back!

Diabetes care isn’t only made up of dietary and lifestyle changes. You can’t deny that managing stress is a huge part of it. With our smart strategies, you can effectively manage stress, paving for a healthier well-being!



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