How to prepare for a garden party

Summer is fast approaching, which means garden parties will come thick and fast. If you plan on hosting your own in 2024, you may be looking for some help and advice to make sure it’s a success.

There’s a lot to consider when planning a party in your garden with your guest’s comfort, themes, food and drink, and so much more being crucial to a good time for all.

To help, we’ve put together this handy article for you to use as inspiration for your party. Continue reading to learn more about preparing for the perfect garden party this summer.

Set a budget

It can be tempting to go all out on a garden party as it may be the first sign of sunshine you’ve been able to enjoy since winter. However, it’s important to create and stick to a realistic budget to make sure you’re not overdoing it. Decide this early on and plan from there.

Make it comfortable

Making sure there’s ample seating and relaxation areas for guests is crucial to keeping the party going as long as you want! From seating to spaces to cool down, there’s a lot to consider when making your space more comfortable.

Good places to start include putting blankets on grassy areas, ensuring you have shaded parts to escape the sun on hot summer days and illuminating your space with festoon lights to add lighting for when the evening rolls around.

Tend to the garden

Taking some time to tend to your plants and shrubs can help your garden put its best foot forward for your guests. Focus on mowing your lawn, removing weeds and planting vibrant flowers to wow the partygoers.

Spending some time in nature while gardening is also known to be a mood-booster, so you can be feeling your best ahead of your party.

Pick a theme

A theme can help you decide what food and drinks to serve, and show your guests what the dress code will be. Popular options can be childhood heroes, Hawaiian, summer solstice or festival fun.

Whatever theme you choose, make sure you decide early and let your guests know, so they can start planning their epic outfits right away.

Buy your party goods

If you’re throwing a big garden party, you’ll need a lot of supplies to keep the energy high. Food and beverages usually go down a treat with the adults, and sweets will be needed if there are little ones at the party.

However, this could be expensive, so we recommend choosing Aldi for the goods as it was named the cheapest supermarket as of February 2024. This should bring costs down and mean you won’t be worrying about your finances every time you throw a party.

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