Your Springtime Guide to the Perfect Family Gathering

With some slightly better weather just around the corner, why not take the opportunity to host a little family get-together? Bringing friends and family together can result in making some amazing memories, however, the thought of hosting many visitors at once can sometimes seem overwhelming. 

To help you overcome this stress, we have devised some tips on how to perfect your family gathering this spring by making it a seasonal delight for you and your attendees. 


Spring and summer are the perfect time of year to give your home a quick rejig, and since you are hosting a spring party, why not add some colourful decorations to your interior? Celebrate your festivities with things that remind you of this time of year

Your dining table is a great place to start. Choose pastel colours when picking out your table settings and incorporate a floral centrepiece. Tulips and daffodils are sure to emit the fresh vibe that you are looking to create due to their vibrant appearance. 

You could also add some LED candles to your table or hang some balloons and bunting along your walls to really get your guests in the party mood. 

Food and Drinks

Your menu is perhaps the most important part of your gathering, as it needs to prioritise seasonal delicacies while also catering to all your guests’ needs. Here are a few suggestions that are sure to go down a treat:

  • Starter: Start with a fresh salad to signify springtime. Use seasonal veggies such as peas, radishes and asparagus for the tastiest result. You could also include some table nibbles to bulk up the meal. 

  • Main: Make use of your grill for your springtime feast by dishing up veggie skewers, posh hot dogs and burgers. As you want this to be a casual dining experience, organise your table in a buffet-style fashion so people can pick and choose as they please. 

  • Dessert: To stay on the same theme, serve some homemade spring treats. Our favourites include lemon drizzle cake, fruit tarts or meringues, as these won’t be too heavy for your guests.   

  • Drinks: Ice teas and lemonade are great options for your dinner party, as they can be made in bulk beforehand. Just make sure you keep some wine in the fridge for later once the kids go to bed…


Although I’m sure your company will be entertaining enough, there is no harm in providing something extra for your friends and family to get stuck into. A banging playlist is always a necessity for any gathering, so make sure to prepare an appropriate one beforehand. 

If the weather is looking promising, you could initiate some outdoor activities such as tug of war or an Easter egg hunt, but if not – don’t fret! You can set up some craft stations for some spring-inspired artwork or you could even play a board game. Whichever you choose, you are sure to have a great time with your guests. 


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