There’s More to Blogging than Writing

If you want to be a blogger, then it’s useful if you have a way with words. But we say the word ‘useful’ because that’s only the starting point for your blog. There’s much that goes into developing and maintaining a successful blog than just the word count. Below, we run through some of the factors that you’ll want to think about when it comes to developing and maintaining your blog.


Show Me The Money

It’s not cheap to run a blog. You may need to pay someone to develop your website. You’ll need to pay for hosting, and there’ll be other fees to factor in too, such as using professional images and the like. As such, you’ll need to find ways to make money from your website, even a little bit. Without it, there’s only so big your site will be able to get, without parting with a lot of cash, that is. Once you’ve built your visitor numbers up to a respectable level, you’ll be able to make money through advertising, affiliate marketing, and by selling products and services.

Creating a Professional Look

There was once upon a time when your words could stand on their own, but those days have passed. Now, they need to be wrapped up in an overall professional package. There are so many blogs to read; people have to decide which ones are worth their time somehow – and picking the ones that have the most professional look is usually a pretty effective system. So how do you up the professionalism of your website? Start by making sure your text and images don’t contain errors; they’re a dead giveaway. You’ll also want to make sure your website looks clean and modern, and that there’s plenty of information included on your ‘Contact Us’ page. If you need an address that isn’t your home address, you can get one at You may also make use of a call answering service, especially if you’re selling products and services.

Growing Your Audience

You’d like to spend your time writing engaging blog posts, which you would then hope would spread via word of mouth. Alas, that won’t quite do it. You’ll need to spend some time actively trying to grow your audience via other means. This could be by using paid advertising, or guest blogging on other websites, or using social media channels as a way to put your blogs in front of new eyes.

Videos and Infographics

You don’t just have to rely on writing to make your blog engaging. In fact, you shouldn’t rely on it! There’s only so much people like to read before they get bored. So mix up your content by adding things like videos, infographics, and podcasts. They’re easy enough to do – you can simply repackage the content from your blog posts into a video, for instance. It’ll give you a website a fresh look and feel, and will appeal to a wider range of internet users.

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