Top 5 Handbag Styles for 2019 You Should Know About

 Handbags are far from generic luggage. They can come in many different shapes and styles and can even go so far as to accentuate the character of the user. Some are big and come like duffle bags, others are smaller and can store a quality purse from Radley London while being lightly looped around an arm. In the end, only thing is certain; fans of the handbag are spoilt for choice!

Consequently, here are the top 5 handbag styles for 2019 that you should know about!

Duffle Handbags

If you’re someone who greatly loves to travel, then the duffle handbags are a must. These items generally trade the glitz and glamour of the typical handbag for simplicity and space, a practical item more than an aesthetic ‘show off’ item. They’ll often come in concentrated and more neutral colours such as black and grey, won’t feature many patterns, and can come in miniaturised form too. The duffle bag does away with the flashy excess, and zeroes in on what matters most; space, efficiency and practicality.

Shoulder Bags

The classics never die, and the same is true with the shoulder bag. After all, when most people think ‘handbag’, it’s the shoulder bag that’d no doubt spring to mind. They can come in a variety of colours, feature chains at the handles, be emboldened with brand logos and signatures, and are generally the go-to item when a woman is on a mission. The strap is often adjustable and can be worn up high by the rib, or down low at the hip, complimenting formal or informal attires in result. If it thrived in the fashion scenes of the 80s, 90s and 00s, the shoulder bag can absolutely endure 2019.

Crossbody Bags

There’s no other way to say it; crossbody bags are a work of sheer genius. While they can look very similar to a classic leather shoulder bag, crossbody bags can be worn in a completely hands-free manner. This is because they can literally be strapped across the body, leaving both hands to roam free. What’s more ‘2019’ than a product being hands free? If you’re alienate too much by the change, simply adjust the strap and carry it as normal, no one will notice! It’s a versatile handbag, and thus something every woman wants!

Neon Bags

We’re moving into new territory now, because the materials and colour schemes handbags use are starting to birth their own style trends and gain traction in the mainstream media. Handbags used to be comprised of things like leather, but in 2019 things like neon are starting to surface for that plastic, futuristic kind of vibe. It’s bright, bold and victoriously eccentric, and there’s no better way to draw attention really. For that sense of youthful and vibrant fun, the neon bag has it covered.

Transparent Bags

If the idea of a transparent handbag were to be suggested even a few years ago, the speaker would be laughed out of town. However, 2019 has already seen crazier things than this occur, so transparent bags are now on the scene and ramping up popularity. Made of plastic, they’re typically small, but do come in larger variations. If you’re someone who loves casual apparel, then the plastic transparent bag will help you to accentuate that theme and style.

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