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Gable & Grace Chenin Pinot Grigio – Weekly Winedown #49

Well, I am being blooming rubbish at the ‘Weekly’ part of this winedown aren’t I?

Don’t get me wrong, I am still drinking wine weekly, I’m just being terrible at telling you all about it quite as often…

Anyway, we’re back and I have all the good intentions.

Since last we spoke:

‘Brexit’ (not a word) is still no closer to, well, ANYTHING

USA is screwing over women left, right and centre – Abortions should be banned but guns are OK apparently.

Nigel Farage (the gammony former UKIP leader) is now leader of ANOTHER anti-EU party and is standing in the European elections. For someone who really doesn’t want to be part of the EU, he seems pretty desperate to be voted in to go and sit there.

Seth has chicken pox. He seems OK in himself but it explains why we had three ice-cream induced tantrums this week.

Onward and upward.

Gable & Grace Chenin Pinot Grigio

Due to a shopping fail on my part, I had to pop to the shop on the way home from school to buy an emergency winedown wine. The Gable and Grace Chenin Pinot Grigio was on offer and so my decision was made!

I appear to have made a massive transition from red to white wine, I used to be firmly in team red but now I find myself choosing a white wine more and more.

It has to be dry though, none of that sweet Liebfraumilch crap. In fact, it was a litre bottle of that (or maybe Hock) at a bad house party that put me off white wine in the first place. That’s not a story you want to hear though so let’s continue!

The Gable & Grace Chenin Pinot Grigio Lable

Gable & Grace Chenin Pinot Grigio Label

I like this label, it’s clean and simple. Cream with a gold embossed pattern and black text. It’s like when you go to a fancy bar in America and as they serve your drink they put one of those little white paper coasters down. One for each drink, like they’re free.

Look at me just putting these down like they cost nothing! 

Anyway, that’s the kind of texture they are. It feels classy – like me.

The Blurb

A balanced blend of Chenin Blanc and Pinot Grigio, a marriage of aromatic, tropical fruit flavours with bright, mineral tones and a crisp, refreshing finish.

Now, when anyone says ‘Tropical’ I think Um Bungo or Lilt (do they even make Lilt anymore?) I am going to be opening this South African bevvy with a great expectation!

The ‘nose’ is lush, like sweet melon and red apples. Really warming and pleasant. The taste is melon, peaches and apple but with an citrus after taste. Not what I was expecting but not unpleasant in the slightest. In fact, I’d go so far as to say this is almost as good as the Aldi Gavi!
High honours.

It’s no Um Bongo though!

Name – Gable & Grace Chenin Pinot Grigio
Price – £5.99  (currently 25% off)
Colour – Pale straw
Smell – Soft like melon and sweet apples
Taste – Buttery – peach, apple and melon with an orangey aftertaste
Goes well with – Drinkable all by itself
Overall score – 4/5




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